Salesforce CRM Implementation – Your Business Success is Just 5 Steps Away

Workflow! Efficiency! What are we talking about? If you are an entrepreneur, you must have got it. And, if you did not, relax! Let us not hold your patience more. We are talking about the pivotal elements of a successful business model. There are many more elements that are responsible in giving the wings to your business including better collaboration and consolidation, accurate forecasting, broad visibility and automated workflow.... Read more

Salesforce IoT Cloud : A Revolutionary Real-Time Event Processing Engine

With fast pace moving world of technology, its time when Internet of Things has also reached the next level of advancement. Now is the era when Internet of Things Cloud is the most buzzing terminology against Internet of Things. Since, IoT has made its impact on varied industries across the globe, so you must be very familiar of its features. And, now you must be scratching your head over understanding IoT Cloud. So, let us first talk about... Read more

Salesforce Enterprise Social Networking : A Seamless Path to Connect With Your Customers

Do you think, it is worth to shout where no one can hear you? Definitely, it is useless! In today’s era of advancement, what else than a social media can serve a huge platform to share what you have got? Be it personal or professional connections, not thousands but zillions of people are connected to each other through social networking platform. However, with the amendments in the technology, the social media platform or you can call it... Read more