Personalization Made Easy With “Thunder” IoT Cloud

A new cloud offering thunder has changed “Internet-of-Things” to “Internet-of-Customers” in Salesforce. Thunder aims to connect events from sensors, applications and devices with Salesforce. Organizations can interact with the customers in a more customized way by the use of thunder. Thunder is an immensely scalable and real-time processing engine that is a part of App Cloud which is an integrated set of platform services in Salesforce. ... Read more

Enhancements in IoT, Einstein, Financial Services Cloud with Spring’18

Salesforce has bring some new and interesting changes in its platform which are going to come with the spring’18 release. With our every post, we hope to target and highlight some of the updates in the sandboxes with the advent of spring’18. This post will focus on some of the enhancements which applies to IoT, Einstein and Financial Services Cloud. We are going to list some of the fresh features which are going to be incorporated with the... Read more

Enhancements with Spring’18 in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic

Salesforce is out with the enhancements in its platform with the spring’18 release. In our previous post, we illustrated the enhancements in Salesforce Lightning Experience. This article will highlight some of the enhancements which is applicable for both classic and lightning experience. The sandboxes will be upgraded with the following features with the advent of sping’18. Salesforce has now enabled that user can now create up to... Read more

Exciting and New Features of Salesforce Lightning Experience in Spring’18

Salesforce bring the enhancements in its platform every year by the summer, winter and spring releases. As we entered in 2018, salesforce is out with yet another release i.e. spring’18 release. For the spring’18 release, the sandboxes have been upgraded with preview instances on January 5 and January 6, 2018 and non-preview instances will be upgraded on February 9 and February 10, 2018. This post gives an insight in enhancements in some of the... Read more

Let’s Use Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning has been in Salesforce for a while and customers have determined that it has merits as well as demerits. To present a more rounded look we have catalogued some of its advantages and components. Lightning Experience enables the users for the new dashboard feature which is being liked by them. Users are no longer constrained to one, two or three fixed columns, but they are free to utilize chart by chart customization that... Read more

CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) - Increasing Efficiency in Salesforce

Salesforce aims for improving the productivity and expertise for sales, purchase and integration with other processes. Configure-price-quote assimilation with Salesforce provides Salesforce customers the capability to formulate quotes which increments the expertise, precision and forecasting. CPQ offers customer quotes in real-time for the sales teams by utilizing sales cloud. By the advent of CPQ, Salesforce has become more robust and dynamic... Read more

Deep Dive in Diverse Salesforce Lightning Editions

When Salesforce Lightning was launched it was a colossal revelation. Developers drifted from salesforce classic to lightning interface as it offers more powerful and dynamic user interface. Customers are switching to lightning due to more functionality and elevated productivity with slight increment in costing. In Salesforce, customer satisfaction is the fundamental focus. By creating new and innovative systems, Salesforce is... Read more

Inclination Towards Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience Salesforce envision platform, lightning experience, has now occupied the Salesforce industry. With lightning experience, Salesforce has manifold new features based on cloud and a new UI. The comprehensive intent of refurbishing is to make tools and data more accessible which will make sales reps work with more expertise. It also enhances the work of sales reps by converting more leads and closing deals with fewer number... Read more

Advancements In Field Service Lightning

Salesforce has amalgamated einstein technology in its diverse cloud offerings which would support, boost its products with a gleam of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Salesforce is introducing artificial intelligence to the field service lightning products, which is designed to link users, technical professionals and call center support. Salesforce has come up with the idea of einstein AI and analytics for field service... Read more

Artificial Intelligence In Salesforce

Salesforce is an innovative and ingenious company that has devised world’s number 1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) podium. The information is approachable for all people across the internet. The Lightning podium empowers the customers to access the agile, complete view of Salesforce. Preface of AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an approach of having the gadgets that utilizes the perception of “Understanding like humans” i... Read more