A sneak peek to future of Internet of Things technology

Internet of Things has revolutionized upto a level that it will rule the technology world in the upcoming years. Each day, a huge number of IoT devices are introduced in the market that boasts excellent features. As per the ongoing trend of growth in number of IoT devices, it can be predicted that IoT will grab the entire market place within the upcoming few years. There are various things that you can get out of IoT. Let’s have a look on its... Read more

Cloud, the myths and the characteristics

With the passing time, cloud has taken a strong place in the global space. And, it is just not restricted to a single deployment model, technology or a platform. Cloud is diverse and is widely identified by factors such as application design, public cloud platforms, security, cloud management, service provider strategies, hybrid and private cloud. At the same time, a lot of misconceptions tend to get developed among people. Let’s... Read more