Salesforce Quote-to-cash driving novelty for your business

What is Salesforce Quote-to-cash? Salesforce Quote-to-cash was formerly known as SteelBrick CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote). Quote-to-cash is an entire set of business processes incorporating selling, creating offers of prospects and collecting the expenses. Salesforce Quote-to-cash empowers the business organizations to effortlessly and accurately manage the complete set of processes ranging from formulating quotes to configuring orders... Read more

Salesforce AppExchange: It Grow and Let Grow!

What do you think is the most demanding app platform in marketplace among the Salesforce users? Any guesses? If you say, it is Salesforce AppExchange, you are absolutely right. Hosted by, cloud computing souk is boasting thousands of apps which can be availed via internet. No wonder, you might think, why Salesforce AppExchange owns such a heavy volume. Let us explain why does it owns it and how it can be useful to you. ... Read more