A Look at Community and Mobile Enhancements with Spring’18

Salesforce is out with the changes in its platform coming with the spring’18 release. In our former post, we emphasized on the enhancements in Salesforce Lightning Experience and Salesforce classic. This post will focus on some of the enhancements which applies to mobile and community changes that has come with spring’18.

Here are some of the amazing features which has been added with the release of spring’18.

Community Enhancements

  • Now, users can rapidly determine which theme layout a specific page has been using.
  • There has been advancements in Einstein answers. Now, it will make use of articles and past discussions in the community so that community members can answer aptly for a particular question.
  • The introduction of new calendar component displays and highlights all the events of the community and can now be viewed easily on mobile phones or on the desktop.
  • Contact support forms and case deflection components are the two new additional components which assist the users in finding the answers and deflection in the cases.
  • Quip collaboration is an added advantage for the community members who can now collaborate with Quip by utilizing the Quip components.
  • The users who have access to files can create content assets if the user has the permission for view set up and the configuration.
  • Users can have access to the libraries and library folders by using the library component to view their files displayed as thumbnails in the grid.
  • Increasing the community security: Internal users can only login as a community user if they have modified all data permission to login and the ability to manage all the portal users.
  • The instance name will now be deleted from community builder, visualforce and content file URL’s.
  • There is a new feature which permits the users to embed a survey in any lightning community template by using salesforce survey component.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Now, with a single click the account team members can be added to the opportunity team.
  • Microsoft and Google users can now synchronize events to Microsoft/Google and can add, edit and remove the attendees.
  • The files can be attached along with flows with the option of file upload.
  • With the spring’18 release various options have been enabled in tracking time with the time field type.

We have elaborated on some of the newly added features and updates which may be valuable for our readers. Spring’18 has brought ease for the users along with its new and innovative features not only in lightning, classic, mobile and community but also in health cloud, financial cloud and IoT. It will be interesting to see how the users are going to make the best of it.

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