Exciting and New Features of Salesforce Lightning Experience in Spring’18

Salesforce bring the enhancements in its platform every year by the summer, winter and spring releases. As we entered in 2018, salesforce is out with yet another release i.e. spring’18 release. For the spring’18 release, the sandboxes have been upgraded with preview instances on January 5 and January 6, 2018 and non-preview instances will be upgraded on February 9 and February 10, 2018. This post gives an insight in enhancements in some of the features in salesforce lightning experience.

Here, is a list of exciting new features that we are going to see with the coming of spring’18.

  • Add contacts and leads to a campaign without leaving the campaign- Instead of being directing to a lead or contact home page, add contacts and leads to a campaign quickly.
  • Development in lightning app builder- With this release, users can create and manage lightning pages within lightning app builder. In addition to lightning record pages the visibility rules can now be set on the lightning app and home pages.
  • Options for lead conversion- The admin can by default set the “Don’t create an opportunity” as default on the lead conversion page or can choose to suppress the opportunity from lead conversion page.
  • Use salesforce features and pardot in salesforce- Whenever the user enables B2B marketing in setup then the option of pardot engagement history data within Salesforce is available.
  • Customize the path- User can customize path using any picklist field on standard object.
  • The feature of opportunity splits has been provided which gives the reps credits that are due.
  • Wrapping the text- When viewing the product names and description, user is now allowed to wrap the text to have a look at the complete information.
  • User can add the account team members to the opportunity team in just a single click.
  • User can now pin certain sections for console apps by using some new lightning page templates namely Console: Pinned Header, Console: Pinned Left Sidebar, Console: Pinned Header and Left Sidebar.
  • The “Do Not Call” field on lead, contact or account records is added to disable one-click calling functionality.
  • Development in macros- Macros now work on most of the standard and custom object records in all lightning apps. The quick text in macros is being used to maximize the efficiency. Lightning and classic email templates can now be used in macros. The user can add up to 4000 characters in the text fields as opposed to 1000 characters formerly.
  • Clean all activity reminder in single click- The clear all button will appear after the fourth notification and will erase all the past reminders.
  • Reps have given the functionality of editing their coworker’s events directly from the calendar rather than searching the events.
  • Field service technicians can now email and delete service reports.
  • Agents can perform mass quick actions on up to 200 records for cases, leads and custom objects in a list view.
  • Updates on chatter- Persistent filter can be applied to the chatter feed and the link of chatter post can be copied for sharing.
  • Use lightning flow for service has been added to enforce the business processes by presenting flows as primary tabs.
  • Members can be added to a library via library management and the users can now be removed in salesforce classic.

We hope that the summary of some of the fundamental updates may prove to be useful. In our next post, we are going to shed some light on the enhancements which applies to both lightning experience and salesforce classic, community enhancements, mobile enhancements and various other enhancements which came with spring’18.

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