Exact Target- Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Exact Target was acquired by Salesforce in 2013. Exact Target accelerated the progress and leadership of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The amalgamation of Exact Target’s leading marketing automation, email campaign management capabilities and Salesforce’s marketing solutions delivers the marketing platform of their choice for the customers.

Companies can hook-up with their customers in completely innovative ways across web, email, social, advertising and mobile experiences which guides the customer’s journey. The blending of technology and marketing brought a leading marketing platform into the world’s number 1 CRM platform. Salesforce now delivers one-to-one marketing platform which will be of preferred choice for the CMO’s that is Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The customers interacts in numerous ways namely through emails, web, texting by which valuable information can be collected about them along with their preferences, purchase history and other personal details. This information can be used to build exceptional customer relationships. Salesforce can bring all the data together for the sales team and when it comes to marketing, sales team can easily utilize that data. The communication becomes easier and sales unit come to know about the interests, products, services users are interested in and what information to send them next.

Salesforce CRM can be merged with the power of the Exact Target Marketing Cloud by the integration of Salesforce and Exact Target Marketing Cloud. Exact Target permits you to seamlessly collaborate your CRM data and digital marketing data together which simplifies data management. It precisely link data to the contact or lead in Salesforce which builds a single view of the user.

When the data is consolidated on a single location, there is better visibility into the emerging trends empowering one to take better decisions, take rapid actions and concentrating on the output. By automation and personalization the customer experiences would be boosted. The time and resources would be saved and the sales and marketing outputs would be developing.  

Customers can be reached at any phase of the customer’s lifecycle whether it’s engaging them or retaining them or acquiring of new prospects. Salesforce aims at guiding the customers and connecting them across every channel on any device. Customers must be maintained across email, mobile applications, advertising, social media, IoT and sales reps. This would make company’s marketing team quick, resourceful and dynamic. Engage the customers, share the data and collude sales, marketing, services teams that will deliver outputs.

HyTechPro, as a Partner

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