Salesforce Quote-to-cash driving novelty for your business

What is Salesforce Quote-to-cash?

Salesforce Quote-to-cash was formerly known as SteelBrick CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote). Quote-to-cash is an entire set of business processes incorporating selling, creating offers of prospects and collecting the expenses. Salesforce Quote-to-cash empowers the business organizations to effortlessly and accurately manage the complete set of processes ranging from formulating quotes to configuring orders thus supporting the customers grow revenue rapidly.

Need of Quote-to-cash

Quote-to-cash broaden the Salesforce Sales Cloud with completely integrated capabilities incorporating CPQ, billing the applications which are power-driven by Salesforce Lightning. Quote-to-cash commences with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) i.e. configuring the beginning, designing of the relevant pricing and produce the quote. It progresses with the invoicing, payment, renewals and negotiations.

Quote-to-cash solutions are devised to integrate and automate the processes offering the business higher productivity, precision and exceptional visibility from initial quote to the final payment. Quote-to-cash provides rapid and easy approach to interpret the phases in the user’s lifecycle QTC touch. Quote-to-cash also empowers the organizations to crack and close deals with more rapidity.

How QTC helps businesses to grow?

  • QTC serves as the amalgamation of CPQ, billing, invoicing, lifecycle management and supply chain management. Businesses are reinforced when all these processes functions and operates well when merged together.
  • With the implementation of Salesforce CPQ, the quotes incorporates the appropriate elements which eliminates the requirement of resubmission of a particular quote as the fundamental product component was not included.
  • QTC has multiple pricing options including discounts, negotiations about the product done previously, subscriptions and channels.
  • QTC gives insights into the quotes which have been in the pipeline, updating the pipelines and forecasting automatically thus improving the productivity, accuracy in closing deals with more rapidity.
  • Quote-to-Cash is the process which drives huge amount of revenue for the organization.
  • Quote-to-Cash serves beneficial for every customer, channel and department. When QTC is maintained appropriately, business enterprises can adopt for new business models and satisfy the customer demands. QTC can also be used to predict the outcomes on the basis of which forecasting can be done.
  • QTC collaborates customer’s attention to purchase a product and generating revenue for the company. QTC not only envelopes the sales but contracts, interactions and relationships with the customer. QTC in Salesforce is the most crucial process to gain novelty in and it also serves as the central point for any business enterprise.

HyTechPro, as a Partner

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