Health Care Service Cloud in Salesforce

Salesforce has reinforced various industries namely non-profits, financial, higher education and maintaining relationships with the customers. Salesforce is bringing its cloud-based technology and making a mark in healthcare. Salesforce named it as Salesforce Health Cloud. Health Cloud is aimed at changing the way how doctors and health-care providers effectively bring about a change in the health of patients across the networks.


Salesforce health care cloud assimilates data from several resources namely medical records and devices into a single hub. In this way by gathering all the information at a single place, health workers are able to get a clear picture of the patient which assists in taking intellectual decisions and collect the data for productive treatments. 

The Health Cloud also provides the information in the hands of the patient by mobile apps. The introduction of healthcare technologies is the enhancement in the patient experiences and provides an overall care treatment of the patient to stay relevant. Firstly, there is a requirement of gathering all the data and information about the patient and then proceed accordingly. This is where salesforce health cloud comes in. Salesforce is assimilating with IT systems and foremost software vendors to enhance the customization.

Health-Care Cloud Serving Patients

There is an enormous challenge with the healthcare IT that information which is trapped in the software hinders the ability to communicate across the health-care cloud. Connectivity is the fundamental areawhich allows accessing of the data and extracting the relevant information. The improvement in salesforce health cloud led to the advancement of various medical and health devices. Salesforce Health Cloud will provide an environment where health care providers can interact with the nurses, doctors, caregivers and insurance coordinators.

Salesforce consists of converting the leads to patients, targeting of patients and risk-seperating tool. Lead-to-patient conversion is created to maintain long standing relationships with patients by assimilating leads from salesforce sales, service cloud and electronic health records. Health care cloud can utilize the data to map all the care plans and leveraging data with other clouds to associate with health care.

The risk assessment tool assists in empowering the providers to concentrate on high-risk units. This can provide the specific patient with the much needed attention. Segregation tool enabless the healthcare providers to segregates the patients by utilizing the clinical and non-clinical data to extract the desired data.

Salesforce aims to assist the providers revive their capabilities to meet the expectations of the customers and coordinate well along with providing personalized treatment. The health cloud provides a 360 degree view of patient’s health and lifestyle.

The data includes the medications, current condition, appointments and lab reports. The presence of customizable reports and dashboards empowers the providers to concentrate on the high-risk patients. The timeline view functionality gives an entire look at the history and reports of the patients. The information also gives alerts on missing the appointments. Health Care Cloud provides a great help for the healthcare providers to comply with the standards by following the Salesforce platform services.

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