CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) - Increasing Efficiency in Salesforce

Salesforce aims for improving the productivity and expertise for sales, purchase and integration with other processes. Configure-price-quote assimilation with Salesforce provides Salesforce customers the capability to formulate quotes which increments the expertise, precision and forecasting. CPQ offers customer quotes in real-time for the sales teams by utilizing sales cloud. By the advent of CPQ, Salesforce has become more robust and dynamic. By integrating CPQ with Salesforce Sales Cloud, the resources and the response time of the customers have been developed to deal with greater accuracy with the customer issues.

Salesforce Lightning in CPQ

Salesforce Lightning has automated the CPQ and billing process by generating accurate quotes, exceptional contracts and generate faster proposals. Sales reps are able to choose the relevant and appropriate items for the customers along with discounts. Assimilation with e-signature permits the customers for easy buying experience.  The cash can be accumulated without any complexity and can send invoices with more flexibility. The revenue and quotes reports are perceived with more rapidity.

The quote-to-cash process integrates the pricing process by gathering all the data directly into the application that sales reps require. The amalgamation of Quote-to-cash software and the Salesforce CPQ has made pricing outstanding and rewarding. Introduction of Einstein artificial intelligence platform, organizations can also devise logic to analyze whether certain payment processes need milestone.

Merits of CPQ

  • The integration ability of configure-price-quote is one of the greatest advantages of CPQ.
  • It has the capability to configure quotes while on the move and empowering the customers with up-to-date quotes.
  • CPQ is rapid, gives insights in the workflows, platform and it can be easily functioned on the mobile.
  • Assimilation with the third party applications lacked the security issues before introduction of CPQ.
  • Deals were cracked and closed with greater performance, productivity and veracity.
  • CPQ provides greater clarity and efficiency in entering quotes directly in Salesforce and accelerate the forecasting of the channel.
  • The automation in configure-price-quote process by introducing data intelligence help provide the quotes.

Implementing efficient billing system is a big challenge and how Salesforce is updating is vital to deal with and must be handled with care. To make effective use of CPQ is a responsibility that will go a long way towards achieving success in Salesforce.

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