Inclination Towards Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience

Salesforce envision platform, lightning experience, has now occupied the Salesforce industry. With lightning experience, Salesforce has manifold new features based on cloud and a new UI. The comprehensive intent of refurbishing is to make tools and data more accessible which will make sales reps work with more expertise. It also enhances the work of sales reps by converting more leads and closing deals with fewer number of clicks. Campaigns, contacts, leads, opportunities, products, sales accounts and price books have been restructured and drifted towards modernized, visual appeal. 

Enhancement in Lightning Experience Features

Sales reps utilizing reports can comfortably formulate and filter viewable charts. They can easily create events and tasks, send emails, track and analyze activities in the activity workspace. The home page is now enhanced visually and systemized to view leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts. It incorporates various charts depicting calendar and overall performance which assists reps to be more coordinated. It further helps them to organize data effortlessly. Reps can view all the deals even which were in pipeline and with drag and drop service sales reps can mobilize deals from one particular stage to another. All the fundamental deals which are in process get personalized alerts.

Amalgamation of Lightning and Salesforce Classic

It’s not necessary that all the components of salesforce classic is incorporated in lightning experience. The positive report is that users can work in lightning experience interface, switch back to the salesforce classic and can swap between the two as and when required. While switching between the two modes which is rapid and effortless, the URL logic will be changed. There might be pitfalls in sharing links through email, bookmarks if some users are using Lightning Experience while others are using salesforce classic.

Variation in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience

Lightning experience might be appropriate for the sales team who is engaged in business-to-business sales by utilizing leads, opportunities, accounts and various other sales elements incorporated in the new interface. Salesforce classic might be convenient for the sales unit who makes typical utilization of features that are not supported in lightning experience like forecasting and quotes.

Custom buttons that utilize a javascript source are not incorporated in lightning experience. Numerous applications in the AppExchange might not be available in lightning experience. If they are not supported then they will be supported in salesforce classic or there will be a lightning ready indication will appear on the top.

Salesforce classic can be utilized where tools in customer service and other non-sales components are required. Lightning experience might be used where the new user interface comprising a unit of sales reps serves as the leader. 

Lightning Experience can be utilized where the customer is viewing to restart the implementation in Salesforce. Salesforce classic can be applied where sales and service unit requires an individual experience. 

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