All of us would love to work in companies that offer excitement from professional challenges to new interesting work and inculcate refreshing values and learnings that help us develop as better human beings. Its often better if the company is an emerging one, as it offers a close-knit family kind of atmosphere with enough opportunities to fall back on one another during potential crisis situations.

Emerging companies are sought after by career seekers for their close knit, non-hierarchical work environment, culture of innovation and commitment to employee empowerment. The focused approach of these companies makes them the perfect platform for nurturing specialized talent and building cross functional skills.

Recognizing the performance, proliferation and increasing importance of emerging companies within the IT-BPO ecosystem, Nasscom has been actively tracking their evolution and growth by means of an annual survey.

There were over 13,000 employees from 61 companies participating in the second edition of the survey this year. The objective of this survey,therefore, was to identify the best small and medium sized IT-BPO companies to work for.

Media source: 
Nasscom EMERGE Blog
Published date: 
Saturday, May 9, 2009