Salesforce AppExchange: It Grow and Let Grow!

What do you think is the most demanding app platform in marketplace among the Salesforce users? Any guesses?

If you say, it is Salesforce AppExchange, you are absolutely right. Hosted by, cloud computing souk is boasting thousands of apps which can be availed via internet.

No wonder, you might think, why Salesforce AppExchange owns such a heavy volume. Let us explain why does it owns it and how it can be useful to you.

Salesforce AppExchange: How It Can Help?

Salesforce AppExchange is the only place for Salesforce users where they can avail all the apps that can serve their unique business needs.

For an instance, let us assume a textile industry and a mechanical industry. Can it use the same application to keep a track on their business or to make a smooth flow in their productivity? Absolutely not!

Here is when Salesforce AppExchange will serve the tailored apps for unique solutions.

Precisely, AppExchange is the very first marketplace for the cloud computing application and service platform accessible across the globe. Once a associated business gets approved by the marketplace, it becomes AppExchange certified connector. Further, the certified connector will get the visible listing. This enable customer to access the applications of that particular certifies connector.

Kudos to the platform! It also serves the non-certified users to build and share their apps at App Exchange. Sometimes, this can be done by the user for free or it can also undergo diverse amendments.

Yes! Salesforce AppExchange is Diversified

A plethora of categories are available within Salesforce AppExchange including reporting, finance, reporting, IT, administration, recruitment, sales, HR and many more.

A Lot More Perks Salesforce AppExchange Serves

Being Salesforce connector is not just about sharing the applications across the globe, but, it also:

  • Allows building strong customer relationship, tracking visitor’s history and piling up responses post event,

  • Allows easy sign-up and manageable web-based registration of the customers,

  • Create and manage invitation, online event, reminder, campaigns, notifications and leads,

  • Allow developers to create social tools enhancing the existing sales, business marketing, partner relationship management and analytics solutions,

  • Help sales professionals to get a closer perspective of business leads and consumers,

  • Assist ruling the competitive edge and keeping ahead of competitors in marketplace,

  • Serves free trial to the first time users,

  • Enables extending the sale application range and capabilities, and

  • Using AppExchange Directory, a quality app can be developed and uploaded instantly

Wasn’t It Good Enough?

After digging out so many sterling perks of Salesforce AppExchange, any business who want to lead in the marketplace will definitely delve at least once in the AppExchange world. If you are also striving hard to groom your business, what are you waiting for? Switch to the Salesforce AppExchange and catch up with the pace of your competitors.

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