Best Practices in Big Data Management

Big Data is the latest buzzword in business circles these days. It has now been proven that big data is not a passing fad, but a grand asset to businesses worldwide. But despite many advantages of this highly valuable information, it is of no use unless this large chunk of information is managed scientifically. Data or collective information plays a pivotal role in conducting analysis. Based on the finding one can make crucial business decision or conduct a wide market research, thus maximizing profit, implementing strategic planning, reducing cost and risks.

Before taking our discussion on “Big Data Management” further, it is imperative to know about the forces that eventually lead to the accumulation of data of such size. Increase in data volume can be attributed to many factors. To begin with there is transaction driven data that accumulates over a period of time. Secondly, there are also unstructured data which usually emerges from social media and other interaction of users on the web. At the onset, managing such data size was quite difficult. However, with the emerging trend of Data analysis and reduced storage cost, Big Data Management is the most sought after IT demand of the decade.

Affordable and open source big data platforms such as Apache’s Hadoop have revolutionized big data management like never before. Designed to withstand large data size it can bear the burden of several servers. Despite many changes in the big data world several enterprises are struggling with the challenge of management. In order to overcome this hurdle it is imperative that organizations adopt the best practice of big data management. Storing, processing and managing are the 3 biggest challenge of data management. According to a recent finding data of an organization grows annually by nearly 50%. This indicates the need for the growth of database systems and proficient server backup for disaster recovery.

So what exactly needs to be done? How to reap benefit from big data management? The first step involved in to reduce the data size, by eliminating those data which is not critical for the business. Proper data handling process is the next crucial step. The data management system must also be scalable, flexible, fault tolerant and of course cost effective. In order to avail most of the advantages of best practice of Big Data Management, HyTechPro is the right place for it. We are a firm that excels in big data solutions and advanced analytics. Using the technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL and nClusters, we offer Big Data Solutions that efficiently process, analyze, manage and access data at scale. A smart and logical data management approach shall allow optimum benefits. It will ease the back up process and can help organizations save 80% of cost and profit enhancement by nearly 50%.

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