Case Studies


We have an ongoing relationship with a medium size healthcare institution, overhauling their current IT system from the software side. The company is involved in providing managed care to a large number of customers in the Northeast.Our side of the project involves providing solutions related to billing integration with insurance companies. The projectincludes capturing some of the newer business processes in the software, and migrating existing application to the new platform. Note: Some of the information in this case study is protected to respect our NDA with the customer.All the information shared in this document has been discussed with our

Technical Details

The first generation application used by our client captured 100% of the businesses in the early 90's and was written in core Java with Oracle as backend.Our client bought a few solutions in Microsoft technologies over the course of last decade, and changed many of the processes.The project involved developing integration points while ensuring compliance, security and quality for the whole system. Typically, insurance companies and labs have developed unique, secured web services for many different kind of transactions, which we must incorporate into our programming solution.We understand each "loose end" in their healthcare supply chain, and are providing a .Net tool to integrate internal applications and external applications.Our challenge is to understand the technical as well as healthcare terminologies, and provide a seamless flow of data and information via our customized tools.

Our Role

Our engagement model was an onsite/offsite model. Our team comprised of project manager, account manager, architects, team leaders, developers, data base administrators and quality engineers. We worked closely with the in-house project sponsors that consisted of project manager and an healthcare expert.We are working as sub-contractor with another multi-million dollar IT company in this large project, and providing solutions in our areas of expertise.We adopted our global delivery model by using the best combination of resources from our global pool of engineers


Quality Assurance Coordination with our client's team Overcoming challenging internal processes Educating and facilitating solutions with non IT clients (typical healthcare staff) Tighter Healthcare Compliance Coordination and delivery of services between many different institutions