Salesforce in Higher Education

Salesforce has made a mark in multiple sectors such as healthcare, retail, public sector and manufacturing to name a few. Salesforce has released a new tool for the universities and colleges known as Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) package in Higher Education domain. What is HEDA? HEDA aims to introduce, manage the data across the lifecycle of the candidates, departmental work, interpersonal... Read more

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Nowadays, when all the applications are being designed on cloud, IoT, mobility and the data that is generated is enormous. Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud empowers the business users to have a personalized analytics tool according to their requirement. Wave Analytics Cloud is considered to be the first analytics platform build entirely on the cloud which diminishes the requirement for maintenance and its dynamic cloud abilities can... Read more

Salesforce Sales Cloud- Providing Momentum to Crack More Leads

Salesforce is the dominant and prominent industry which aims for the satisfaction and success of the customers. Salesforce Sales Cloud presents a thorough glance at the customers, permitting the organization to run the business with expertise, skill and readiness pertaining to the requirements of the clients. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform which is devised to support marketing, sales and... Read more