HIPAA Compliance Checklist: What needs to be done?

In the United States, every agency associated with the health care is aware of the HIPAA regulation. The full form of the regulation which was first drafted in 1996 is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Before we get down with our discussion on the key points of HIPPA regulation, it is imperative to understand why it is such an important federal law. Under HIPAA compliance, handling of patient information is taken very... Read more

Does Your BI tool give the desired output? Reasons of Failure and Solutions

Business intelligence is the order of the day. Its healthy incorporation leads to rapid growth and development in one’s business. BI helps in capitalizing business data and strategically implementing it. Considering how businesses are creating massive data, it is important to implement effective BI. A lot of companies fall back in the right implementation. Over the period of time, a lot of case studies have surfaced which clearly reflect on... Read more