Best Practices in Big Data Management

Big Data is the latest buzzword in business circles these days. It has now been proven that big data is not a passing fad, but a grand asset to businesses worldwide. But despite many advantages of this highly valuable information, it is of no use unless this large chunk of information is managed scientifically. Data or collective information plays a pivotal role in conducting analysis. Based on the finding one can make crucial business... Read more

Cloud Computing :Future of Business & Services

2013 has mustered the popularity and growth for Cloud Computing within world’s business ecosystem. According to an independent survey, more than 60% of the enterprises have a dedicated budget assigned for Cloud Computing. This trend is expected to grow further in 2014 and by 2016, 2/3rd of the all workload shall be shifted to the Cloud. These predictions and insight proves that Cloud adoption heightens performance and agility in organizations.... Read more

Maximizing ROI through Software Outsourcing

There is a paradigm shift in the way businesses were conducted some decade and a half ago. A number of factors have led to this change; however the foremost one is the way in which politics have changed the course of economic development. Globalization has made our economies interdependent, wherein resources of one nation can be procured for research and development of the other. This trend as we all know is outsourcing, a strategic business... Read more