Digital Transformation – What is your level of expertise?

If you are also one of those who think so, let us correct you, you have not understood Digital Transformation. In the very simple terms, Digital Transformation is a methodology used to transform and develop business model and processes using digital technologies. You might be also one of those who thinks that implementing Digital transformation is a piece of cake, let us ask you, a set of a few questions; where has your... Read more

Digital Transformation – A key for enterprises to gain, grow and lead

Digital Transformation! An outstanding gateway for enterprises to lead, expand and grow in the era of technology and tough competition. Isn’t it? Most of the entrepreneurs have tasted the success adopting the digital transformation. Not to deny a fact that there are also some entrepreneurs that failed after implementing or yet not implemented the same for their enterprise. According to a few sources, a study... Read more

Team – a means of technology intervention

When you are extending your efforts in product development, what are the things which come to your mind at first? Deadlines? Opinions may vary. Along with deadlines, you may say product requirements or the standards to be followed. No doubt, these factors are one of the prime factors but a good team is a key factor during any product development.   A team which is highly experienced and has core understanding for technology, is widely... Read more