Role of Information Technology

The performance of IT is dynamic with the commencement of client directed age and now artificial intelligence associated world. People who are forerunner in the IT industry is growing not only in technology but in modernization of business enterprise also. In the recent Salesforce research which incorporated over 2,200 IT people detected that manifold organizations have been impacted by the drift in strategies. Based on the discoveries and... Read more

Scope of AI- A Glimpse at World of Tomorrow

Enterprises are starting to use artificial intelligence as a method of extracting the value from large volumes of digital data. AI systems take huge quantities of data including both structured and unstructured by creating suitable models. Through the use of AI, predictions and recommendations are being made which will increase decision making and human intelligence. The merging of AI and IoT are beneficial for many organizations. If there are... Read more

Enhancements in IoT, Einstein, Financial Services Cloud with Spring’18

Salesforce has bring some new and interesting changes in its platform which are going to come with the spring’18 release. With our every post, we hope to target and highlight some of the updates in the sandboxes with the advent of spring’18. This post will focus on some of the enhancements which applies to IoT, Einstein and Financial Services Cloud. We are going to list some of the fresh features which are going to be incorporated with the... Read more