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Why performance testing is an integral aspect for your online business growth and how can you tap it?

Let’s talk about a certain vital aspect which is influencing the utility services based websites or portals – the load issues. For instance, imagine those online services like air ticketing, e-commerce etc, a major flood of users visit these sites on a daily basis. High traffic leads to performance degradations, failures or complete crashing of the servers. This is a direct and negative hit on the business’s revenues & brand.

Often, pressure of spearheading in the market and increasing the user base, loading aspect takes a backseat. Something similar happened to Flipkart in the recent past. It is extremely important to understand the system’s behavior and check the status during situations – normal or heavy user load. The testing solution providers work heavily on checking the traffic and undertaking checks on scalability, reliability and application performance. The testing of these parameters enable in realizing the largest load amount an application or a website can withstand.

What initiatives do you take when you face this issue? In this blog, we shall focus on this major issue, how you can tap it and what you should take care of? What types of testing activities are done?

It is all about simulating the large user base working at the same time with certain web application. With load testing, the objective is to check the application’s performance. If you deal in online buying and selling portals, execute load testing before launching the product. Understand the capacity that your site can withstand. Basing upon the kind of load your server can take, design your business strategies. Load testing largely depends on the kind of user base you have and how often your product is going to be used. For instance, if you deal in online selling of apparels, there are chances that the user base is expected to be generally high and may increase more on occasions like Christmas. Is your site able to withstand the large number of transactions?

To tap on such an issue, it is important consult highly experienced and skilled load testing experts. The testing teams undertake several tests to check on the capacity of the product. Let’s take a brief look at each of them and how you shall benefit from them:

Performance Testing – While doing this test, a major number of concurrent virtual user base is increased. The parameters which are extensively monitored include web application response time, HTTP requests or application-specific transactions processing each second and failed requests percentage (error rate).

Capacity Testing – These are executed to understand how many users your application can handle without degrading the quality. This way, you can inspect the quality criteria and figure out the pain areas if any.

Stress Testing – Considering that every system has its own limitstress testing helps in finding the capacity limit and check when it has reached the limit. This produces overload notifications and there is room for crashing. So, when the load is reduced to the normal number, the application resumes to its usual operation with its retained performance characteristics.

Volume Testing – This is focused at loading the application with huge data and maximizing the complexity of every transaction. Let’s take an example; your application can upload files, use larger ones this time. In case, your application has search section, then try to use complex keyword combinations which may lead results.

Endurance Testing – Also named as soak testing, it is used to check if you system can withstand any load for a huge time period or a significant number of transactions. It often unleashes resource allocation issues. For instance, a minor memory leak will not be visible with a quick test. It is recommended to use changing periodic load and the duration.

Regression Testing – It is suggested to maintain load testing as a regular practice by developing regression load tests and applying them on all new versions of the application.

Above cited testing activities help you track the causes and figure out an apt solution. It is ideal to hire load testing experts which have proficient skill sets in understanding the issues, and resolving the issues.

It is also important to talk about how load often fail because the load balancing technique wasn’t correct or the infrastructure wasn’t proper. In this regard, it is recommended to go with the current pace, go with cloud. With every data stored and saved in cloud, not only you are secure but it is synchronized from tip to toe.

We at HyTechPro are accompanied by a highly experienced team of performance testing experts who have skills sets in writing the scripts using premium (Load Runner, VSTS, etc) & open source tools (Jmeter, Open STA): which help in resolving the performance issues and meting the client’s SLAs at the earliest. Our performance testing anchors track the issues and resolve them using HyTechPro’s proven methodologies. We own expertise in the field of load testing and provide adequate consultancy on them.

HyTechPro Service offerings:

  • Manual testing services
  • Automation testing
  • Cloud testing service
  • Agile testing
  • Cloud performance testing and other performance check
  • Consulting on test processes and cloud testing services

There are a lot of other tools which help in getting high quality like system testing, integration testing, UI testing, manual testing, automated testing using Selenium and other kinds of automated tools. Our team of quality assurance uses monitoring different matrices such as Defect Rate, Closure Rate, Defect Density and many more.

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