What Triggers Digital Transformation: A Sneak Peek

2016! Definitely it has been the year of digitization, transformation and expansion. But now it is only a few months when we will enter 2017 and plan for better transformations.

Well!! Let us ask you, do you turn back to see what actually triggered your business and society for disruptive transformation?

Now, you must be wondering, why looking back?

Let us tell you, it is because analyzing the past work are will give you the footprints of the business journey.

Hold On! Do not scratch your head so much. Let us give you the clue. The three buzzing elements; Internet Of Things (IoT), Drones and Robotics are whirling around the industries. Although, they have different dimensions bursting the varied technology revolution. But they will give you a fascinating connection, once you start digging out deep. Precisely, these three are the triggers of digital transformation.

You would not believe this, so we have a few facts to share with you.

Digital Transformation – A Look Into Facts & Figures

  • Out of the total number of Fortune 500 companies existing in 1995, only 12% of them remained in 2014. And, in the upcoming decade, 40% of the remained Fortune 500 will either extinct or become irrelevant.
  • As per an analysis, by 2020, more than three quarters of the S&P 500 will be enterprises which we not even heard of.
  • Since 1920s, the average lifespan of a S&P 500 has been decreased by 50 years.

What else is required to believe the fact that Digital Transformation has become the need of an hour. In a single line, transform yourself before something stagnate you.

Many of you might not have experienced Digital Transformation, so it must be sounding a bit complicated process. But the truth is, all you need to do is stick to the three terminologies; Technology, Improvement and Performance.

Perplexed? Let us simplify you these elements for you.


  • Technology: Keep track of cutting-edge technologies. It will aid you in keeping pace with disruptions.
  • Improvement: What else do you think would be the way leading to the path of incremental changes? Keep improving the process, business model and strategies.
  • Performance: The consistency in the graph shows lame growth. Thus, keep measuring the performance by defining the metrics parameters. It will help in making the amendments in the process periodically

IoT, Robotics, and Drones are just the jacks of the transformation that makes it digital. Although they are igniting the business process, but somewhere they are threatening to the job security. However, we cannot ignore its future growth prospects and  revolution, it could bring in the industries.

Leveraging the unsurpassed business opportunities, it will help saving cost over the next decade and beyond.

It’s time when myriad industries and verticals are revamping their business process and adopting digital transformation to reinvent themselves. This would not definitely happen overnight or fortnight, but take a year or two. And, when will you transform and become become one of the fortune 500?

Besides the triggers; IoT, Robotics and Drones, if you think there exists other triggers that can embrace digital transformation, share with us.

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