A sneak peek to future of Internet of Things technology

Internet of Things has revolutionized upto a level that it will rule the technology world in the upcoming years. Each day, a huge number of IoT devices are introduced in the market that boasts excellent features. As per the ongoing trend of growth in number of IoT devices, it can be predicted that IoT will grab the entire market place within the upcoming few years. There are various things that you can get out of IoT. Let’s have a look on its various prospects that can leverage human life and industries.


  • Control the world using smartphone:


Running the whole world with a device may sound a futuristic fantasy, but it can become possible using advanced stages of IoT. This idea, however, doesn’t exists, but this can turn into reality, if inspired developers will make their efforts to produce an excellent solution that can serve consumer and marketplace too.

Usually, a plethora of consumers can be found who are looking forward for availing home automation technology. A few reputed companies are ruling the market because they have introduced IoT technology based home automation devices which are successfully offering hassle free lifestyle. Apart from this, business vertical applications based on IoT technology are leading the primary ones. The reason being, IoT has offered an excellent platform to boost productivity of industries like healthcare, transportation, retail and manufacturing.


  • Upcoming IoT developments:


With the growing demand of IoT devices, a numerous number of companies have started manufacturing gadgets for home automation and also, they have introduced excellent apps to control them. Such apps and gadgets functions using the cloud based software for data storage. Thus, the users are not only employing such apps for their luxury lifestyle, but also for entertainment. Inspiring from such apps or gadgets and their success in the technology market, developers are putting more efforts to bring out some more creative and user-friendly IoT apps. Various zones that have been covered by IoT apps and gadgets are fun and entertainment, family, gaming, health, safety/security and social media.

A few more innovations covers the technology where two devices connected with a common cloud can establish a connection between themselves for sharing. Such technology can be beneficial for B2B communications as they can share terms of services for the users. Also, this platform can change the actual meaning of Internet of Things that is existing currently.


  • Internet or Intranet: Which one is ruling?


Internet of Things have made a huge presence across the world in almost all the sectors, but there are many more things that are still at the initial stage of development. The reason being, there still exists the devices that do not have the feature of establishing a connection between themselves. This means these devices are following intranet, instead of internet. So, now what all is required is the common platform for all the devices where they can establish a connection. This has to be an open source that can increase the potential for upcoming innovations and other developments. However, IoT devices are a bit expensive these days as they have integrated excellent features with high scope.

As per the analysis, it has been predicted that IoT market will bring up a wide range of hi-tech products that will be affordable for the consumers. So, more and more people will become the customers of IoT products. Well, another interesting thing about which no one might have imagined is, what if these smart devices will connect with each other without any human assistance and will run away. This might sound like a sci-fi reality that can also be a epic future lying ahead.

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