Smart Grid – A Smart Concept of Digital Communication for Delivering Energy

Smart grid has evolved as an energy delivery system which operates using centrally controlled system. It can be also defined as the system that is consumer driven and relies on bidirectional communication in order to deliver the constant energy throughout. Maintaining the energy delivery rate is important factor within the system as it helps in reducing the time and cost. A smart grid usually involves a huge range of sophisticated sensors. These help in constantly assessing the availability of power flow within the grid, state of the grid and requirement of the frid. In addition to this, these components also have the ability to pile up a huge data and the feature of optimizing the energy delivery process.

Energy and its Demand

The delivery of energy is always dependent upon its demand. As an instance, let us consider the weather of summer, people run air conditioner, use refrigerator frequently and carry out many more activities to get relaxed against heat. Thus, if all the electrical equipments will be taken into consideration that are used by the, it can be clearly seen that a great amount of energy will be consumed and so will be the cost.

In order to fulfill the demand and to supply energy, a plethora of power plants will be required. “Pumped storage plants” can help in such a case as it can circulate water to generate the electricity. Another fact is, pumping water up consumers more energy in contrast to pumping down. So, to overcome this, water can be pumped in the “off peak” hours as at that time, there is an excess of electricity on the grid. This way, the high energy demand can be fulfilled easily.

A smart grid can help the consumers by enabling them to participate in bringing a wise solution for saving the energy. In short, we all can turn into the pump storage plant by controlling the usage of various equipments like dishwasher, air conditioner and television. It can also help the people in controlling the usage levels of such equipments. This can help in saving the consumption as well as cost. Employing such technique upto an extent can result in balancing the resources.

The above stated possibility can be turned into the reality. Generally, a wide range of component technologies are involved that include monitoring of vibration within transmission line and tracking running meter of the home. In order to track the parameters with a precision, ‘Phasor Measurement Unit’ can be used that collect information close to 100 times than what is collected today. Such measurement units should be used to get the picture of future with clarity.

Smart grids and the future of energy delivery:

Smart meter cannot be stated as the grid, but it can be deemed as one of the important components that is based on global open standards. It will aid in deciding the prices which will depend on the cost of delivered energy. Eventually, it will become easy to avail a huge range of energy consumption options. This technology can be further enhanced by working on data collection machines. The more we will work on daily usage electrical devices, the more improvements can be achieved.

Smart grids have started expanding. A lot of amendments can be availed, if production, delivery and consumption rate of energy will be tracked. There could be some issues while carrying out the process, but a standard will evolve. Initially, the research may consume time and money, however a advanced technology in the form of smart grid will make a boom.

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