Secrets to finding the best Software Company

Industries are technology driven today. They are assisted by scalable software solutions which help in enhancing their operations’ efficiency. Stimulating operations and influencing the business overall, the entire responsibility lies with the IT partner you tie your partnership with. A healthy partnership fosters when you have an idea which sure to give meteoric rise to your business. When it is about the secrets to find the partner, it is not secrets but rather rational ideology.

You have an idea on your mind and you want to accomplish for the public. If you wish to see your idea materialized into a robust solution, it is important to be assisted by a partner who is abreast with technology, understands the pros and cons of the idea and is able to render exactly that serves the purpose. Somewhere in the phase of research and development, it is crucial to understand what is objective of the idea and to what level is it marketable. Lastly, what is utility of the idea and how far will it help a certain chunk of people.

Here are few steps to find a suitable IT Vendor for Outsourcing.

  1. Define your project scope and how soon you wish to get that done – It is extremely important to understand your product’s key objective. This should be mentioned in your details where the service provider is able to draw a rough draft on how he will be able to meet with your project’s objectives. Once, explained, it is equally important to talk about the timeline at the first stage itself. Understand within how much duration does the client wants his project to be worked out. There are chances when the client could be unsure of the duration and also his requirements may keep changing now and then. A constructive work on project scope and the duration is a mandatory aspect.
  2. Define your Budget & short term or long term goal – Before you draft a blue print of your product, keep a rough frame for your budget as well.  A project has its requirements of resources, infrastructure and a pool of technical integrations. This calls for systematic segregation where you can create a framework on the investment, goals and profit margins and consult with service provider.
  3. Search software company based on your parameters – Always look for a company which understand your requirements. In this regard, it is important to analyze what you are looking for. List down your parameters which are required to be met with.

As you freeze all the objectives and that you know the idea has a long profitable way to go, it is equally important to search for the right IT partner. What goes on your mind while you head to search? This blog aims to throw light on what you should keep in mind while you search for a software company:

  • Company Credential check – Never go for a company which has no credentials worth talking about. While, you are on a search of a service provider, check out the aspects like date of establishment, certifications and associations. With these credentials, you will be able to draw a rough picture of the fact on how genuine is the company. These are essential aspects wherein you will be able to find out whether you should go ahead or not.
  • Expertise in handling a project– When you are on a look out of a software company put the expertise on the forefront.  Look into the fact, to what level does the company holds expertise? How rich it is? Most importantly, does the company deal in the industry or has dealt in the past? For instance, if you are looking for a solution in the finance domain then look out for a company which has voraciously worked for the sector and is fully aware of all the aspects of finance. The team’s expertise will help you in knowing what you are looking for and how well it can be materialized. It is their expertise which may help you to bring shape to your project at the earliest. Skillfulness in a certain subject helps in syncing your project requirements with feasibility. When looking for a service partner, focus on everything. Make sure details like design architecture, testing and others are keenly worked upon.
  • Experience in various domains – Second and most crucial aspect, how much a software company has invested itself in a certain domain? Understand has the company considerable worked on the same industry previously? Or are they newly putting their hands in it? Experience in handling a project is important. As you find an experienced partner, look into the fact how they dealt previous projects. It is important to analyze the strength of the team and make sure your requirements are met with. For any project, it is important to look into the areas like in how many days does the company meet the deadline, what kind of team is allotted for the project? Are the team members equally experienced? A team should invest largely on research and draw a feasibility of a product that rightly matches the industry guidelines, clients’ requirements and adds value to one’s business.
  • Case studies – Always check the success rate of the software company you are choosing. This will help you analyze what form of results can come. Check out the domains the company worked on and the technologies that have been used. This way, you will get an idea what technologies and development resources are better for you. Check out the case studies of the company you plan to hire.  A detailed check on will easily give you a brief idea. The kind of clientele the company had or any form of milestones accomplished by the company will boost your confidence on them.
  • Customer relationship/ Reference check – When you are looking for a software product, right from the design and development to deployment, you are required to have consistent interaction with the service provider.  This is where it is important to choose a company which is excellent in customer service and is always a call away. In addition, you should ask for reference check and interact with vendor’s existing client (if possible) and check how satisfied they are. This shall brief you with the service provider’s customer service and help you to decide if you should go ahead.
  • IP Rights & Source code ownership information – One of the most important criteria where you should own your rights related to your product. The right may be Intellectual property rights, source code etc. Make sure that the full data delivery information is with you. Maintain high end security related to your product’s information. Go for a service partner who maintains complete transparency on the rights on the product including IP rights, source codes etc. Before you freeze the deal, check with all the documentations and make sure you sign with full consent.
  • Your software scalability – As time passes by, there is a possibility that trends and changes come. In this regard, it is important to keep your product updated in a manner so that you are able to match the global standards. Go for a service provider who assures you that any form of enhancement in the product architecture (in future) can be done if required. This is where one should check with the scalability.

Finding a service partner becomes an easy task when your priorities are set. As told above, these are not secrets but rather a coherent way to understand your requirements and then putting them together with someone who assists you in materializing it.

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