Scope of AI- A Glimpse at World of Tomorrow

Enterprises are starting to use artificial intelligence as a method of extracting the value from large volumes of digital data. AI systems take huge quantities of data including both structured and unstructured by creating suitable models. Through the use of AI, predictions and recommendations are being made which will increase decision making and human intelligence. The merging of AI and IoT are beneficial for many organizations. If there are huge amounts of data being generated from IoT then the data can be fed to AI systems and thus AI is essential in handling challenges involved in handling of the data.

Embodied Cognition is another way in which AI technologies can be fused with IoT. This concept brings cognitive power to IoT and the capabilities of AI enables the object to have an understanding of the environment, learn and develop the power of reasoning. In future, the humans are likely to empower the digital brain to enhance the decision-making.

AI is on the edge of penetrating foremost industries namely healthcare, finance, education and other domains.

In future, humans will be able to expand themselves with computers and boost many of their natural skills with the use of cyborg technology. Cyborgs are the humans that have been combined with machinery, computing power and is mostly used to restore human functions.

SingularityNET is considered to be the future of Artificial Intelligence. It is a decentralized concept in AI which is aimed to enhance the link between business users and AI developers. Through SingularityNET, anyone can use the AI services easily by enabling AI to AI communication and offering automation at low cost.

Through the coming together of Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources, HR’s have started to test AI to provide better value to the enterprises by using the concept of chatbots for employee development, recruiting and providing service to the employees. Artificial Intelligence and chatbots are transforming by delivering out-of-the-box experiences to the employees which will alter all aspects of HR processes.

The multi-cloud mania 

  • As there are vital changes occurring in big data access, most of the companies are embracing with the concept of multi-cloud strategies which reduces the cost and increases the efficiency of the enterprises
  • The cloud users have increased the demand for the multi-platform and it seems that in 2018 the users will be driving towards multi-cloud platform
  • Merging of multi-cloud architecture with AI for flexibility has made the availability of Data Science Experience (DSX) easy for the users
  • The multi-cloud strategy enables the users to choose the cloud environment according to their needs

Although, we can’t predict the exact future of AI but it is evident that the prospect of interacting with AI will grow. It will be exciting to witness the burgeoning future of AI.

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