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Say Yes, to Big Data

Although it may be uncanny to state that the market is unwittingly ruthless and there is no room for mistakes, there is a certain element of truth in that statement. In today’s time and space, business strategies have to be well conceived and strategized so as to gain the much needed competitive edge from the rest. And in this big picture of strategy, analysis, relationship building, and innovation, big data management has an integral role to play. Many organizations, big and small have come to terms with the benefit of big data management as it has opened them to newer possibilities, agility, efficiency and of course heighten profit margin.

However, despite the many advantages to big data management, several enterprises have felt shy from embracing it. To put the record straight, big data is not an imaginary bubble. It is a necessity for modern day business operations. Big data is a mechanism that requires the use of sophisticated analytical tools and algorithms that gives enterprises an insight into what their customers are thinking, doing, expecting or critical about. Even though there are many benefit of big data management, moving towards it is not always a smooth ride. There may be lot of bumps on the way. But the predicament of implementation can be minimal if you choose the right big data solution partner.

As big data solution providers, HyTechPro is one of the leading professional service firms. We have on our side both experience and a thorough grasp of technologies in the likes of Hadoop, NoSQL and nClusters. Our style of working not just rests on providing business solution, but to innovate and develop a strategy which will allow you to process, analyze, manage and access data of all scale and size. Traditionally, the method of data processing for analytics did not entail much fanfare. Most organizations relied up on the usage of standard CRM, ERP and enterprise apps that were capable of delivering minimal structure to the entire data accumulated over a period of time or day.

With time there has been tremendous change in the business ecosystem. The primary reason for change is the sheer volume of data that is being accumulated owing to the onslaught of mobile and web technologies. Another factor that has impacted data is the change in data type itself. There are unstructured data, semi-structured data, social media, location –based data and so on and so forth. Finally, it the speed at which the data is increasing that has impacted big data formation the most. Therefore, traditional data warehouses are not suitable to handle the dynamic nature of the present day data.
At HytechPro we adopt the top three big data approaches that give major impetus to big data management and analytics. These are as below:

1. Hadoop: Hadoop is an open source framework under the Apache Software Foundation for processing, storing and analyzing huge chunk of widely distributed, unstructured data. As it is based on the open source philosophy the core technology of the framework is constantly been improved making it one of the most sought after name is the domain of big data management. There are number of commercial products that are supported by Hadoop, namely Cloudera, Dell, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and many more.

2. NoSQL : Also known as Not only SQL, is another framework very much in the league of Hadoop. However, the incremental difference is that NoSQL processes the most isolated data stored in a very vast pool of data.

3. nClusters : Another high-performance analytic database for hardcore data warehousing. It is an ideal data management framework for small and medium sized enterprises. nClusters is a cost effective and the most efficient solution for data sizes that is foreseeable to increase.

Big data is becoming the flag bearer of everything which is business. But, regardless of the hype there is a lack of training in big data services and analytic. To overcome this obstacle, it is best to get in touch with experts who have to their credit the experience of working for a number of big data management project. We, at HyTechPro have requisite experience and expertise in this field. Our talented engineers and R&D specialists offer support to clients in creating proof-of-concepts, research reports and evaluating of framework and architecture. We are able to focus on key areas of big data such as harnessing functionalities of Hadoop, NoSQL and nClusters to enable enterprises to utilize existing resource is the most cost effective way.

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