Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Nowadays, when all the applications are being designed on cloud, IoT, mobility and the data that is generated is enormous. Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud empowers the business users to have a personalized analytics tool according to their requirement. Wave Analytics Cloud is considered to be the first analytics platform build entirely on the cloud which diminishes the requirement for maintenance and its dynamic cloud abilities can develop multiple rows of data at an exceptional speed. The spontaneous synthesis of users, accessibility of the mobile devices and collaborative elements to share it with the customers are the added features of Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud.

Wave Analytics gives a new outlook on all the data of the business. It is the ERP data i.e. inventory, invoices and sales order that measures the success of the business. Amalgamating the data forecasts and the ERP data comprises the analytics cloud and generates the robust, comprehensive and end-to-end business solution

Merits of Wave Analytics Cloud

  • With the introduction of Wave Analytics Cloud the users are empowered for updating accounts and accessing from the dashboard directly.
  • Analytics Cloud has reformed the way people thinks of BI (Business Intelligence) and how the companies move forward according to the analytical searches.
  • Salesforce is now switching its principal team to support Wave Analytic Cloud. By using Wave analytics there is no requirement to build a data model.
  • The tool enables the users to upload the data rapidly and it saves a lot of time wasted in designing as it reduces the limit on designing.
  • Wave Analytics is increasing the scope of activities beyond contracts and quotes.
  • Salesforce offers extremely powerful and understanding reports and users can generate complex reports, dashboards rapidly and effortlessly. Salesforce Wave adds robustness to this feature.
  • Wave Analytics makes Salesforce secure, robust and dynamic by embedding in any Salesforce object.
  • Wave Analytics is designed for mobile devices and optimizations are done pertaining to the requirements of the customers, sales and marketing teams. As the Wave is cloud-based, it has immeasurable scalability to introduce with.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud introduces with the concept of integration with real-time applications, data development, testing of data, quality and data management services. The tool is designed to suit the manifold applications namely cloud apps, SAP and new data sources like Hadoop and Amazon Web Services.

HyTechPro, as a Partner

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