Salesforce Sales Cloud – What makes it the need of an hour?

What regulates the business flow, be it small scale or large scale, new or the existing one? Yes, if you thought of Sales, you are absolutely right! A consistent growth in the sales graph is what an enterprise desires.

Well, it might sound quite pleasant that an enterprise is gaining a huge number of customers, elevated profit, rapid business growth and ultimately a “good sale”. But, wait! There is another side of all businesses as well. Expensive technology, complex strategy and arrears in the business model. Yes!! That’s very much true.

Above all these roadblocks, there has to be a solution for the enterprises that can assist in the fast pace moving world. “Technology” is the key to all that can ultimately give wings to the sales of an enterprise. Let us find out, how the technology has become the key to all the questions.

How technology has become the helping hand?

In the past few decades, the technology has rapidly attained the next level of advancement. Due to ultimate advancement for which technology is responsible, every single thing has attained the amendment. Thus, the level of expectations of the customers has also ignited.

In order to fulfill the demands of the customer’s and their requirements, the enterprises are going with the flow of technology and putting their immense efforts so that they do not loose their customers, their trust, marketplace presence and reputation.

Since, necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, Salesforce Sales Cloud took birth and unfolded all the answers to all the questions that commonly rise in front of any entrepreneur to regulate the sales.

With the emergence of Salesforce Sales Cloud, gone are the days when enterprises employ expensive, complex and disconnected technology. This is not enough to know about Salesforce before employing it. Instead, it is crucial to understand what exactly is Salesforce Sales Cloud. Let us find out, what is it?

Before understanding the key features of Salesforce Sales CLoud, the primary thing to understand is, Salesforce.

Salesforce – Explained

Salesforce allow the enterprises to connect with customers easily, sell more, expand business faster and work smarter. Before any business start closing a deal, it is mandatory to set up in Salesforce. The reason being, it offers a customizable platform that can be tailored and added with the features as per the business requirements.

Since, Salesforce has the ability to store critical information of customers, thus it serves the best way to connect and close deals of the new customer. Wait! This is not the end of list of Salesforce features. Selling products, offering customer support and collaborating with coworkers are its other sparkling features. Sales Cloud is one of its perks that we are going to discuss next.

Salesforce Sales Cloud – What is it?

Let us first split the term ‘Sales Cloud’ into two; sales is exchange of commodity or service against its price and cloud is platform for sharing processed resources and data to computers and other devices.

When both sales and cloud combines, technically, it becomes Sales Cloud or, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that support customer, sales and marketing for both Business-to-Business(B2B) and Business-to-Customer(B2C).

The good news is, Sales Cloud is an integrated unit of Salesforce, thus, it is open for customization and can be altered as per the business need for marketing, sales, lead generation, customer service, share information, ask questions and business analytics.

Making availability of each necessity for sales is another challenge for an enterprise, but this has been possible by Sales Cloud. It brought all the elements at one place which can be accessed anywhere and anytime with mobile device, computer or laptop.

When it comes to businesses, Sales Cloud tackles all the situations even when there are thousands of applications. As it enables its accessibility through AppExchange. This is browser based and serves as Software as a Service(SaaS). However, Android and iOS mobile apps are also available which is easy to use and remote accessible.

The platform has been well understood by industries like Cisco, Dell and NBC which are ruling their domain industries by using Salesforce Sales Cloud and taking their sales to the next level.

Most of the Sales Cloud existing users and newbies, must be still confused with the working process of Salesforce Sales Cloud. For those, we have briefed its working. Let’s have a quick glance.

How does Salesforce Sales Cloud works?

Ease in accessibility is the key feature of Salesforce Sales Cloud and this is well justified with the feature available for users that allow them to design, send and track personalized emails. There are many more startling facts about Salesforce Sales Cloud that are involved in its functionalities.

  • Customize marketing campaigns:

Pardot Marketing Automation is featured by Sales Cloud that allow user to create, execute and manage email and marketing campaigns.

  • Access old email and calendar

If you are not comfortable with setting up their new account, Salesforce will allow to sync Microsoft Outlook email with Sales Cloud to manage contact information, calendar and email campaigns.

  • Prioritize the contacts

Access email templates and send them to high priority contact details directly through Outlook instead of accessing Sales Cloud.

  • Manage Gmail accounts

Salesforce Engage is another feature of Salesforce Sales Cloud that assist with lead management and email marketing by integrating the account with existing Gmail account.

  • Manage leads

Leads are the crucial elements of any sales process which Salesforce Sales Cloud manage and monitor in a very facile manner. It allow to create custom lead-capture forms, view and access updated details within an activity timeline.

Customer engagement is very important throughout the lead closing process which has been also tackled by Salesforce Sales Cloud. It do so by sending regular notifications of ongoing leads and customer engagement to sales person.

  • Access Instantly

Different tools of Salesforce Sales Cloud has made an ease whenever you need instant access to company and client’s contact information. Moreover, automatic filling of company and customer details will ensure accurate information of the client.

  • Acquire improved internal collaboration

Inside sales console is another sparkling feature, if who are looking for individual sales task management and enhanced internal collaboration. Ultimately, it will enable to push the lead to an appropriate stage of the sales cycle.

  • Communicate in real time

Real time communication has become the need of an hour when everything is supposed to be updated not in hours, but in minutes or seconds. And, this has become possible with Salesforce Sales Cloud platform which offer real time social feed which aid to post or ask information instantly.

  • Track performance

In order to regulate the entire sales process, sales manager keep track of their sales personnel’s performance. And, this has become a piece of cake with sales forecasting tool which is another feature of Sales Cloud.

All above features are simply the boosters of the business sales. And, the very interesting fact about Salesforce is, there are different versions of it introduced by Salesforce that offers varied purposes.

A look onto versions of Sales Cloud

On the basis of per-user, per month and lowest to highest; the different versions of Sales Cloud include Group, Enterprise, Professional, Performance and Unlimited. Since, these are paid versions, but the good thing above all the facts is that Salesforce has introduced the free 30 days trial version for its users.

Three level of support contracts are offered by Salesforce, namely, Standard Success Plan, Premier Success Plan and Premier+ Success Plan.

Yes! Salesforce Sales Cloud is the answer

Sales Cloud is a cloud based platform tailored to assist its users to sell smarter and faster by managing customer details, logging their activities, serving real-time visibility and automating the necessary tasks. Ultimately, it reduce the administration time and allowing more time on closing the deals.

In short, being associated with an enterprise, Salesforce Sales Cloud will aid you in adding wings to the sales.

What else, will you need if the platform will serve you feature of customization, instant accessibility, security, high productivity, easy monitoring and much more.

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