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Salesforce IoT Cloud : A Revolutionary Real-Time Event Processing Engine

With fast pace moving world of technology, its time when Internet of Things has also reached the next level of advancement. Now is the era when Internet of Things Cloud is the most buzzing terminology against Internet of Things. Since, IoT has made its impact on varied industries across the globe, so you must be very familiar of its features. And, now you must be scratching your head over understanding IoT Cloud. So, let us first talk about IoT Cloud.

IoT Cloud: A Brief

Powered by Thunder, IoT Cloud is a platform designed to stock and process IoT data. Designed with an aim to pile up generated data of devices, websites, sensors, applications, websites, partners and customers, it initiates actions for real-time responses. In other words, IoT Cloud serve integrated and comprehensive perspective on customers without requiring any data analyst services or technical expertise. The platform owns the capability to take billions of events in a day and users can enjoy the leverage of building the rules that could specify decision making events. The reason being, IoT cloud is product-agnostic and data format, that is, the output connectors allow communication with third-party services or Salesforce clouds.

This is not the end of the perks of IoT cloud, instead there are many more. We have discussed a brief about them. Let us have a sneak peek.

What IoT Can Serve: A Sneak Peek

  • Scale the World-Wide Data

Salesforce IoT cloud allows to capture events, resulting data and each personal interaction at a scale including parameters like web site engagement, email histories, device usage, location, mobile events and IoT signals. Further, the data can be filtered on the basis of requirement and the filtered data can be stored upto any limit. Ultimately, this feature enables the business with a 360-degree profile of the customer.

  • Tackle the Stack of Data

Salesforce IoT cloud owns intuitive tools that allow the business users to pick significant events from the piled data and implement actions in real-time.

  • Respond Primitively

When you are running a business, it is mandatory to respond proactively to the customers and employees for enhancing the customer’s experience. With Salesforce IoT cloud, create a case using Service Cloud to trigger a workflow in Sales Cloud, send SMS or messages using Marketing Cloud, set reminders using App Cloud and post a recommendation using Community Cloud. This is how users can serve a level of engagement to their customers.

  • Extend Real-Time Rules

Using the rich 360-degree customer profiles as context, unlimited set of smart and extensible rules can be extended, if you have captured the relevant data. Salesforce IoT cloud allows the user to extend intelligence. It clearly reflects that with the change in time, or event or customer, the user can define the response and appropriate action can be taken accordingly.

  • Connect with the World

Get connected across the globe to access data from every website, device, sensor and interaction associated with Salesforce. This capability will let you to get complete view of your customer.

Take Away

Salesforce has always been the king when it comes to customer experience, reliability, productivity, sales, or anything associated with the sales process. So, does IoT, when it comes to the platform that can enhance the business productivity elevating the advancement. Now, when its platform has attained the advancement and bequeathed Salesforce IoT Cloud, a business can celebrate excellent opportunities and sales orders, automatically generated requests and schedules, execution to customer notifications and texts by devices and prompt to automatic inspections.

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