Salesforce in Higher Education

Salesforce has made a mark in multiple sectors such as healthcare, retail, public sector and manufacturing to name a few. Salesforce has released a new tool for the universities and colleges known as Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) package in Higher Education domain.

What is HEDA?

HEDA aims to introduce, manage the data across the lifecycle of the candidates, departmental work, interpersonal relationships and all the students enrolling for the course. The package is open, flexible to handle all CRM use cases for higher education and does the customization of the university’s requirements. The architecture serves all the colleges and universities according to their requirements with the addition of some customizations.

Scope of HEDA

HEDA was devised as there was not any standard architecture by Salesforce for colleges and universities. Every institution manages CRM data for all the students and collaborates with the applications for the data model. HEDA is a package that works best for managing data of the students and also the syllabus content. This package comprises of workflow automation and data architecture which is configuring the Salesforce to manage the lifecycle of the students.

HEDA caters to all the needs and requirements to support some of the CRM in higher education sector. The package can then be customized with the applications on the AppExchange to fully cater to the needs of the institutions. HEDA also works on the Lightning Experience including all the tools and technologies built on the Salesforce platform.

HEDA can be used on salesforce classic as well as lightning experience. HEDA empowers the users to monitor multiple accounts like educational institution, primary department, business organization and sports management. HEDA creates database for each student, manage all the addresses as well as the functionalities.

In addition to this, HEDA is also responsible for regulating courses and enrollments. The tool incorporates the statistic of the number of enrollments for the specific course, the offerings of the particular course and tracks the degree program which a student is pursuing. The course enrollment element enables the users to monitor the credits and grade of the students in each and every course. All these features empowers the university to monitor the enrolled students and additional fields, automation can be further customized accordingly.

Fundraising, admission procedure, management of facilities and other advancements can be added with HEDA package if the customizations are done thereby, making it a robust tool. HEDA is basically developed to allow flexibility to the colleges where they can utilize the base framework and then integrations can be done with some additional customizations.

Advancement connect tool is another powerful tool which manages all the event management, volunteer raising, foundations and identifying the major donors. Universities can use both the tools to suit their needs and requirements.

Salesforce made an effort in understanding the actual needs of the customers when it comes to CRM. Salesforce recognized how the universities and colleges must carry on with the implementation and were able to deliver their strategic perception and solutions to the problems faced by the educational institutions. 

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