Salesforce Einstein – It’s Time When Machine Will Act Smarter Than You

You are dreaming of becoming a millionaire and suddenly you got the jackpot making your dream come true!
How about, you are stucked with some work and tearing your hair, but reaching nowhere. And then, your device play a soothing song for you which you enjoy frequently?

In the era of advancement, we are getting smarter, you are getting smarter, technology is getting smarter, so why not machines?

Yes! You heard it right! How could you forget, you are a millennial and anything can be possible in this era of technology. Here you think and the next moment it will come into reality. There is NO magic wand doing such things, but the artificial intelligence.

Business giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and other online stores were using it. Based on your previous purchase and recently viewed items, it creates a recommendation list. And, this is why you need not to work hard to browse your favorite item.

With two years of immense hard work, Salesforce is now up with Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence for Everyone. And, with its sparkling features, Salesforce is no more a World’s #1 CRM, but the World’s #1 smarter CRM.

It is been expected that approximately 62% of the salespersons will use Salesforce Einstein by 2018. And, you would like to be one of them and for this you must be striving hard to be one of them.

But, do you know what will be the key features of Salesforce Einstein and how it will going to assist you. Some of you might be aware and some of you must be still seeking for it.

What is Salesforce Einstein?
Salesforce Einstein is artificial intelligence built in the core of Salesforce platform delivering AI capabilities to sales, service and marketing. With in-built capability of developing AI-powered apps using clicks and codes it is expected to get smarter with every interaction. This is why Salesforce Einstein is AI for everyone.

Now, let us guess! You are wondering, why Salesforce Einstein when Salesforce was enough smart to manage the sales process.
So, here is the answer to your doubt, Salesforce Einstein can automate the entire process starting from generation of lead to close deal.

Still confused? Let us elaborate this for you.

Why Salesforce Einstein?
Salesforce Einstein has been introduced with the aim to elevate sales by predicting leads and prioritizing emails, enhance service by suggesting responses and pre-populating case fields, boosting marketing by delivering emails during windows engagement and predicting customer engagement with the product and enhancing commerce by recommending products to shoppers and ranking relevant site searches.

That was too much of technical! In the very simple words, Salesforce Einstein can make your tasks very easy. It won’t prompt the reminder, but the email to be sent to potential client who just got an offer from your competitor.
Precisely, Salesforce Einstein will:

  • Find insights
  • Predict results(outcomes)
  • Suggest the best next steps
  • Automate tasks

Well!! This must be sounding like a consecration, but there is another side of it. Although it is making all the tasks easy, but what if, one day it will close the deal itself for free? Will it be menace for jobs of salespersons?

There are many more doubts that will poke your mind with the emergence of Salesforce Einstein. A plethora of you will think, adopt or not to adopt?

Salesforce Einstein – To Go With or Not To Go With?
No doubt! The industry, technical experts, infrastructure and all other resources finds it difficult to adapt the new platform. Over all, the complexities, the Salesforce Einstein will make every single sales task easy to deliver personalized, smarter and predictive customer experiences.

Inheriting the features of advanced machine learning, predictive analytics, deep learning, natural language processing and smart data discovery, Salesforce Einstein will serve one and serve all. It will self-learn, self-tune and automate itself with every interaction and each piece of data.

The best thing above all is, we have the machine intelligence within the context of business that will automatically discover relevant insights, predict future behaviour, recommend best actions and automate tasks.

Hold On! This was not the end of list of perks. Another good thing is, we have all this on the clouds. Yes! You will enjoy Einstein on Salesforce Clouds as well.

  • Salesforce Einstein for Clouds
  • Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Service Cloud Einstein
  • IoT Cloud Einstein
  • App Cloud Einstein
  • Community Cloud Einstein
  • Marketing and Analytics Cloud Einstein

    So you can cloud more!!

HytechPro, as a Partner
In the recent years, the presence and necessity of Salesforce has reached the next level. In this scenario, we put ourselves as a key potential partner in providing Salesforce services to industries including healthcare, banking, finance and insurance across the globe.

We as a Salesforce services partner, hold in-depth expertise in offering our very own custom frameworks. Our offerings are available for both enterprises and end market.

Our Salesforce expertise includes:

  • Salesforce Lightning
  • Salesforce CRM Consultation
  • Salesforce Sales Implementation
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Data Migration
  • Salesforce Data Management

All we need is your idea, and we shall discuss on how thought provoking solution can be developed. Let us know, if you want to begin on this.

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