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The role of open source software in the growth of IoT technology

Internet of Things has evolved to a phase where it can control the functionality of various things and affect human lives. At present, it has not only grabbed the living styles of all of us with the launch of IoT based devices, but it has also leveraged a plethora of sectors including healthcare, railway, education and many more. In the upcoming years, it is expected that a rapid change in the technology market can be seen for which IoT based devices will be responsible. However, there are many more technologies that are floating in the market, but the only reason due to which IoT has ruled out of all is its open source platform.

Open source software has developed the building blocks of modern digital world. Resulting of this, Amazon, Google, Twitter and Facebook have gained an excellent success. Here, we are explaining a few key features of open source software using which, IoT technology has gained a huge popularity.


  • Scaling:


As per the current analysis, it can be expected that 50 to 70 billion sensors will be installed across the world. It cannot be predicted that what will be the number of data servers, routers and gateways will be employed to set up the entire thing. However, an open source software can definitely help out. Any other way can be followed, but it will be worthless to spend any time or efforts.


  • Inter-operability


It is a well-known fact that open standards are the integral units of IoT. There are many evidences that clearly shows the fact that the blend of robust open source implementation and open standards can offer an ultimate outcome. The biggest advantage of employing this blend is that it offers a facile path, minimum cost, and optimum interoperability. Also, human hours can be saved and thus, a firm can acquire a high productivity.


  • Dynamic innovation


Open source software is one the platforms where a user could find an ultimate innovation freedom. Usually, developers try to follow the best out of all methods. Thus, for this reason, they use open source software to develop novel and fresh systems. This is how, IoT is again using OSS to innovate an excellent outcome.


  • Easy execution


Getting the most out of productivity is a most important factor for any firm. This can be attained, if time saving tools are employed. IoT might consume a lot of time for executing the process. The time to be consumed can be reduced by implementing open software solution. This is why, not only developers give the priority to OSS, but the companies are also focusing it.

The bottom line is, a plethora of companies have expanded their IoT projects from tens to hundreds. The fruitful results have been acquired just because of open source software.


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