Nail Down Tips You Must Know For MailChimp Salesforce Integration

Remember, when you started a business or stepped into the marketplace as newbie? What did you expected? A magic that can make you popular or people knowing you as a popular brand overnight? No! Right?

Definitely, you must have shouted louder to announce your services and to get the maximum audience response. What helped you the most out of all? MailChimp, right?

Though MailChimp has always been easy-to-use interface, free plan and drag-and-drop templates. Sounds like, it is just a email program, but it can help you driving revenue, immense sales, huge clientele and good marketing prospects. You must have enjoyed a lot of leverages from MailChimp, but it’s time when you need to switch to Salesforce.

Yes! We know, you must be wondering, how could you switch to Salesforce when you were using MailChimp for ages and have all your data within MailChimp. Do not worry, we have a good news for you. Just go for Salesforce MailChimp integration, if you really want to catch up the tough marketplace competition.
Wondering, why only Salesforce?

Salesforce, being the very dynamic, powerful and versatile platform has ignited the growth of a plethora of businesses.

Now, when you understood, the why behind Salesforce integration with MailChimp, or you already knew it, let us ask you something very important?

Are you aware of the “must know” things about MailChimp Salesforce Integration? It is very essential for you to know, because it may lead to a failure to your efforts and execution.

Here it goes.

Salesforce MailChimp Integration Considerations

  • Database Size

Always remember, email marketing software pricing is completely dependent upon the number of subscribers, contacts and leads.

If you are a small business, MailChimp will bequeath you a great fit by serving database with free storage capability of 2000 email address. However, if you want to consume more storage space, it will serve you pay-as-you-go or a fee subscription.

Now, when you go to CRM, you can add a plethora of contacts and leads to Salesforce. However, if your Salesforce edition holds a limited API calls and your emails are more than that of API calls, you can temporarily increase the API call to make synchronization between two systems.

Salesforce support can serve you the best assistance to determine the necessity of a temporary increase.

  • Emphasize on Lead Management Process

Once you are done with measuring the quality of leads and customers, it is time when you need to work upon lead and customer management process accordingly within Salesforce.

All you need to do is keep a check on lead status’ that includes “New”, “Qualified”, UnQualified”, “Open”, etc.

Now, if you are perplexed with, does it really matters in Salesforce and MailChimp integration? So let us clarify you, if you have incorrect lead status, marketing could communicate to leads correspondent to Sales and vice versa.

This is why, it is impeccably important that all leads, contacts and subscriber are assigned an appropriate status.

  • Ensure Salesforce Edition and MailChimp Compatibility

Let us tell you, every edition of Salesforce cannot be simply integrated with third party email software providers like MailChimp, instead it requires an enterprise version or higher.

So, ensure that you have editions like Group, Enterprise,, Performance, Professional, Unlimited or Developer to go with successful MailChimp Salesforce integration.

  • An Excellent Email Marketing Strategy

Crafting a good marketing strategy might sound a bit tedious, but believe us, it is a fun and important as well. Do not forget considering the content to be delivered to the segments, that is, customers, leads, subscribers, etc within the database. Also, plan keeping in mind, how these segments needs to be marketed, be it monthly newsletters or lead nurturing.

The bottom line is, identify the people and content ensuring that you make the delivery of the right message to the right people at the right time.

  • Align Sales and Marketing Resources

MailChimp Salesforce Integration is integrating sales tool with marketing tools, but it not always necessary that the integration will always goes effectively. For such case, your sales and internal marketing team needs to be aligned.

Well!! There are many amazing online resources available that can help aligning your sales and marketing team.

If, you are thinking why this alignment a necessity. It is because;

  • Sales become responsible for communicating with marketing considering the quality of leads and accordingly, it takes preventive steps for quality improvement,

  • Ensures marketing keeps accountability to Sales maintaining the quality of generated leads, and

  • Justify the definition of SQL(Sales Qualified Lead) and MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to distinguish, whom the lead is trying to reach.

Also, alignment can also be attained through creating Sales and Marketing Service Agreement.

At a huge extent, we have covered everything you must know while delving into Salesforce MailChimp integration, but still there are a few considerations, you need to pin.

Hold On! We Have Got More

Let us bind up quickly.

  • Do not forget uploading MailChimp Subscribers as Salesforce Leads, however, it is optional.

  • Use Lead and Contact list views to upload email addresses to MailChimp

  • Use Contact and Lead page layout to manage Subscriber preferences

  • If you already switched on lead creation, you new MailChimp subscribers will turn to new Salesforce leads.

  • To map Salesforce fields to MailChimp Merge Variables, customize the integration

  • Click View More Links to see the full MailChimp activity and subscriber details.

  • To copy Salesforce data over MailChimp subscribers, turn on hourly sync.

  • Keep track on MailChimp Campaign details and Campaign Share Reports.

Summing Up

No matter, you have been enough smart to grab huge clientele using MailChimp, but now it’s again the time to make a smart move by switching to Salesforce. Just go with Salesforce MailChimp integration and forget about any data, contact or information loss. Just follow the above tactics and shout out loud to win the marketplace.

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