Marketo- Marketing Automation in Salesforce

What is Marketo?

Marketo is a product providing marketing and lead management solution in Salesforce. It is an effortless, dynamic and a complete platform in marketing. The product assists marketers to obtain more customers conveniently, enhance sales effectiveness and improve marketing’s contribution to increase the revenue. Marketo lead management empowers marketers with the competence, potential and adaptability to automate demand generation campaigns and deliver immense quality leads with limited effort.

Scope of Marketo

The combo of Marketo and Salesforce is kept in synchronization by the integration of Marketo with Each and every day Marketo empowers marketing and sales teams with the ability to drive more revenue for specific company. The Marketo lead management app is accessible from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Marketo is used by business enterprises ranging from small, medium to large organizations. The customers of Marketo incorporates B2C, B2B brands and is indeed a great product for power users. All the companies who are glancing to enhance and upgrade, there is an immense scope with Marketo. Marketo analyses and develops each and every marketing need namely email marketing, lead management, scoring and analytics thereby making it a “prime” marketing product.

Merits of Marketo

Recently, new and foremost elements have been included namely customization of website, engaging users with mobile and web targeting. Lead generation, nurturing, landing page functionality are the frequently used features playing a crucial role in the overall execution of sales and marketing processes.

One of the most exclusive element of Marketo is its proficiency in analytics. Marketo offers an unique component of opportunity pipeline, revenue back to the various marketing programs and assist in interaction with marketing channel performance to senior executives and management. Marketo permit the customers to design, upgrade web pages and provide them with the capability for deeper portfolio management with limited acceleration.

Marketo is easy to use when compared to other marketing automation tools and is mostly directed by its UI. It enhances the user’s experience by providing them with smooth workflow and allow marketers to improve conversions of leads.

Marketo is being integrated with some of the major platforms and is one of the finest in terms of marketing automation. CRM, E-Commerce, CMS are some of the essential integration podiums for user’s marketing automation system.

Eminence of Marketo and Pardot

Comprehensively, both Pardot and Marketo are great tools for easy integration with a vast range of marketing automation tools. The customers strongly believe amalgamation is an enormous strength of Pardot, especially when dealing with Salesforce as the CRM. Both Marketo and Pardot integrate well with social media sites namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and to name a few. The users also believe that the integration of Marketo with Salesforce is vital for existing salesforce clients in CRM.

The standard support service in Marketo is elementary and does not offer a free trial while Pardot which allow users to run a free trial on how the product is functioning so that they develop a superior understanding of the product. Pardot provides a giant library to acquire knowledge and helps in training with webinars and videos. Marketo on the other hand supports training but expense needs to be paid for the increased guidance. With Marketo, the onboarding is a time-consuming process and for Pardot the onboarding is rather a direct process.

Overall, both the products offers an exceptional deal of everlasting value but it’s crucial to point out how to use each product perfectly. 

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