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Leveraging Cloud Computing Technology in Supply Chain Management

Before we go further with our discussion it is important to note where cloud computing technology supersedes in a supply chain nexus. SCM World, a community of one of the leading supply chain names in the likes of Nestlé, Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, P&G, Intel and many more big names identified the following realm of supply chain management system where cloud computing technology can be leveraged :

  •  Sales & Operations Planning
  •  Transportation Management System
  •  Spare Parts Management
  •  Store Shelf optimization
  •  Employee Resource Planning

Just like any other business operation of contemporary world: agility, responsiveness and efficiency are the three pillar of strength on which rests the entire supply system. The speed at which cloud computing resources functions makes supply management system highly agile. Visibility of information and data which is another attribute of cloud computing has made supply system responsive. Lastly, it is the cloud technology that makes the collaborations between different components of supply chain namely distributors, suppliers and business partners highly efficient. But the most important parameter is that all that agility, responsiveness and efficiency are being achieved without escalating much cost. Minimal cost and good return from an efficient cloud solution is urging many supply chain clients to move from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing.

In early 2013, industry bigwigs had predicted that social media, cloud computing, big data is going to transform the face of supply chain management system. Much of it has come true wherein a lot of companies have openly welcome cloud computing solutions to their business operations. However, despite the upheaval many small time supply chain members are rarely seen leveraging cloud computing solution to their business augmentation.

Modern technology bestows a number of possibilities that can make supply chain faster, cost efficient and safer especially in terms of better inventory management and resource optimization. And with safer cloud computing options, wherein great deal of resources on technologies are being spent on making the cloud fragment highly secured and protected it is not very difficult to guess that future of supply chains is indeed in the cloud.


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