The future of IoT: Transmit and receive everything in invisible packets

As the time rolls, the technology reaches to the next level by introducing excellent innovations. Well, most of the users might not be aware about the real latest technology. For some, it might be iPods and for some, it might be GoPros. These might be contenders of all the technology devices, but there are many more that are leveraging households and businesses in a very innovative way. All such devices are none other than IoT devices. However, most of the people around the globe must not be aware of Internet of Things and what are its impact on global economy.

Smartphone wireless technology sets the best example of existence of IoT technology and also, it is used widely across the world. But, it will be amazing if a user knows the procedure of inserting an antenna and microprocessor to an enviable gadget. And, what if, dolls will find their own way on internet. These all things must be sounding interesting. So, in order to turn these things into reality; reputed technology giants are working hard to introduce excellent IoT capable products. The idea of developing such products evolved on the basis of data they collected about consumers.

A few reputed companies worked to develop IoT based smart TVs, but due to some issues or the technical faults; it turned into the blunder. Recently, a company introduced smart TV with built-in microphone, so that recorded conversations can be shared with third party. This data was not only shared, but it also moved on various social media platforms which killed the privacy. Another issue was there were advertisement pop-ups that created ill-timed interruptions that can affect the brand’s reputation.

As IoT reached the next level of its development, such technical issues also got resolved. The smart TV that was collecting data for sharing was not encrypted earlier, but the manufacturing company realized the importance of data encryption and evolved the secured data transfer method. This was eventually helping users to overcome data theft. Above all, the major issue was to find out the best method to encrypt the data. However, data leakage issue can be found on IoT wearable devices as they transmit data without any password protection. It is also a noteworthy fact that, a secured IoT can be only implemented with a continuous analysis and protecting the data via password or other method.

Regardless of the indefinite security issues, there are a few excellent IoT developments touching the peaks. There are many innovations in the industry that can boost the productivity of various industries and telecommunication sector. “Smart farming” is another idea that has been introduced to track the climate change, temperature and crops status. Using IoT smart device, a farmer can access all the information related to economic development, weather, crop information and machine settings. Simultaneously, medical sectors are also employing such devices to boost the efficiency of the healthcare industry and to save lives.

The bottom line is, IoT is stepping forward to acquire an exponential growth in developing top-notch devices and equipment. New protocols and technologies have put the huge efforts, but they also need to keep an eye over the valuable data security. Hackers will definitely give a try to decode or hack the data which can affect the security of business or privacy policy of any organization. So, only introducing IoT devices in huge number in the upcoming years will not be enough to help the humankind, instead its security should also be considered so that productivity without loss can be achieved.

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