Future of Information Technology in Health Care

For any country in the world, the health care delivery system is a top priority. After all if health of a countries population is in check everyone will be healthy and happy adding to the general prosperity of the nation. In last one decade the health care delivery system has changed by manifolds. Some changes are brought about thanks to the government regulation, such as the HIPPA compliance law in the United States. Another relevant reason for change is the boom in the IT sector. At a time and space where Information Technology has left a deep impression in almost every aspect of our day to day lives, it cannot possibly evade the health care delivery system. In fact in times to come IT is going to play a big role is making the overall health care system more advanced, convenient and better. Here is a snippet to what is to come or already happening.

An Overhaul:
Most modern health care establishments are slowly coming to terms with the need for data accumulation and transfer, better connectivity, more accessibility and absolute confidentiality. There is growing need for real time data update so as to support and serve patients better. Hospital systems must store medical record efficiently as well securely in order to avoid any interference with the law. At the same time doctors must be more approachable to the patient through e-visits, e-test results, e-referrals etc. In wake to this change confidentiality of data becomes a top priority which is clearly laid out in the HIPAA law.

As per the HIPAA law all electronically protected health information of ePHI must be aptly secured. It also points that these information should be also accessed by authorized personnel and responsibly discarded, if required.

More Transparency:
Greater Transparency is one of the high point of Information technology in health. Patients will not just access to health care, they will also be in a position to judge the meritocracy of the doctor or health care establishment though patient referrals, recommendation of other doctors etc. This will be a big change and patients can be assured of the fact that health care professional they are visiting is worthy of their trust, time and money.

Consolidated Patient Data:
Ever since the don of the IT sector, several attempts have been made to electronically save the health information of patients. However, with the array of arrangements such as EMR to health devices, data repositories, the consolidation of patient data is a farfetched expedition. Therefore, there is a need to device a system where health information about patients is secured in an encrypted fashion and can be easily made accessible to health practitioner or authorized person. In an attempt to streamline data consolidation health care agencies are already working towards it for two reasons. First reasons is to offer better facility to patients and second to comply with the HIPPA law which is the federal law.

Health Insurance:
It is a well known fact that the year 2014 is big from the perspective to health care in the United States. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or fondly referred as Obamacare shall put at least 40 million American under health insurance. With such a large number of patient receiving health insurance there will be a definite need for intricate IT measures to improve the health care delivery system. CRMs, Dashboard, automated alerts and follow up shall become the need of the hour. This particular requirement will solidify the requirement for IT at health care delivery network.

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