Enhancements with Spring’18 in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic

Salesforce is out with the enhancements in its platform with the spring’18 release. In our previous post, we illustrated the enhancements in Salesforce Lightning Experience. This article will highlight some of the enhancements which is applicable for both classic and lightning experience.

The sandboxes will be upgraded with the following features with the advent of sping’18.

  • Salesforce has now enabled that user can now create up to 500 new leads daily via LinkedIn lead gen advertisement and the leads which crossed the daily limit (500) would be emailed to the default lead creator.
  • When the user converts custom picklist to multi-select custom field, Salesforce will now preserve the associated record type’s value settings for the field.
  • Campaign reporting has been made easy with influenced opportunities through a new standard report.
  • The accounts will be more synchronized with Google contacts and Microsoft contacts.
  • The Google and Microsoft integration in Salesforce is followed by the flexible record creation and more opportunity insights. These enhancements is applicable for salesforce classic and lightning experience.
  • There has been changes in field service namely the page numbers can now be added in the service reports, filter related list on service report. The limits have also been incremented from 15,000 work items per hour to 30,000 work items per hour and from 30,000 total queued work to 100,000 total queued work.
  • The clickable phone numbers feature can now be added if visualforce is embedded in your app having the functionality of legacy quick to dial.
  • There are some development enhancements in Einstein platform services in natural language processing and image recognition. In lightning console apps the overriding option for view, new, edit and tab is enabled in designing of lightning component. For lightning migration, the lightning experience visualforce report offers more information, estimates and recommendations.
  • Users can now make use of the feature of group, topics and topic enhancements along with process builder and workflow rules.
  • The asset files can be accessed rapidly from the view list option in asset files.
  • Integration of quip along with Salesforce is now enabled.
  • There has been enhancements in social customer service like user can now use clicks instead of code to define new social media cases and how they must be assigned and routed to agents.
  • There is a new feature of assigning different standard actions for salesforce classic, lightning and mobile view.

We have enlisted some of the new features and updates which may be beneficial for the users. Spring’18 has added some more features pertaining to community enhancements, mobile enhancements and other updates which we will be enlisting with our next post. 

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