Enhancements in IoT, Einstein, Financial Services Cloud with Spring’18

Salesforce has bring some new and interesting changes in its platform which are going to come with the spring’18 release. With our every post, we hope to target and highlight some of the updates in the sandboxes with the advent of spring’18. This post will focus on some of the enhancements which applies to IoT, Einstein and Financial Services Cloud.

We are going to list some of the fresh features which are going to be incorporated with the release of spring’18.

IoT Enhancements

  • Users can now access the IoT REST API that would create, update and delete the contexts.
  • User can now easily create and delete the instance of the orchestration.
  • There are some data privacy and privacy regulations which has been introduced in IoT. The data can be deleted and exported using REST API.
  • The context page displays a visual representation for the events including the reference objects which may be associated with an orchestration.
  • Salesforce has increased the security policies. If there is one user actively working in the org then an automatic email alert will be sent to the orchestration owner as an alert about more usage of the org.

Einstein Enhancements

  • To increase the forecasting accuracy the Einstein forecasting has been enabled which is based on past data. The main thing to note is that the reporting data may differ depending on whether its salesforce classic or lightning experience.
  • The Einstein Lead Scoring displays the fields, rank and department of each lead which is used by Einstein.
  • The artificial intelligence is assisting the team prioritizing the opportunity scores based on history and record details. This feature is available in salesforce classic and lightning experience.
  • The users in Sales Cloud Einstein can now have access to the Sales Cloud Einstein dashboards. There has been update in the Einstein automated contacts dashboard and Einstein lead scoring dashboard.

Financial Services Cloud Enhancements

  • There are new custom fields for financial services cloud object.
  • There has been update in bulk uploads which enables the user to upload large sized files by using Bulk API for financial and individual account objects.

We have thrown some light on the newly added features which may be beneficial for our readers. Spring’18 will surely prove advantageous for the users with its novel features in lightning, classic, mobile, community, health cloud, financial cloud and IoT. It would be exciting to witness how spring’18 will bring changes in the way of development in Salesforce.

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