Dreamforce’16 Givingback a Master Key to Unlock All Business Solutions – Salesforce Integration

Dreamforce’16 will be unpacking a bundle of solutions for all industries; small scale, medium scale or large scale. Salesforce Integration will also be one of them; the ace of all solutions when it comes to business complexities.

Wondering? Yes! That’s very much true, Salesforce Integration can make your business to attain all levels of success. Let us explain you, how it is possible with Salesforce Integration.

You are dealing with a client and striving hard to close the deal, but suddenly due to error in data, arrear in the processing or restricted accessibility, you missed the deal. Definitely you will feel like banging your head on wall.

We understand, it happens with many of you. Salesforce Integration is the key that will help you overcoming all the challenges and win the maximum closed leads.

Wondering? Why Salesforce Integration is the answer to all such issues? Let us explain of why behind this.


Why Salesforce Integration?

Generally, an organization uses a numerous of applications, software, tools and other platforms, but sometimes they need to be integrated with another to avail out-of-the-box result, operational consistency, high quality and outstanding efficiency.

Not to be ignored, data, presentation, business logic and security layers; all the elements of application, software and tools are the targets to be integrated precisely. Missing or corruption of any of these could make a blunder for the entire sales process.

Cheers! Salesforce Integration will help you avail time saving, efficient, smart and easy-to-use process. All that you will achieve is error free data, widen accessibility, non-corrupted presentations, managed logics and customer’s information visibility.

Salesforce Integration will serve you everything that won’t hurt your business efficiency and agility.

Wait! This is not the end of the perks bestowed by Salesforce Integration. There is something more about it.

Many times, you want your application to work the way you want, but it doesn’t. Again, Salesforce Integration is the answer that will assist you customizing integration.

Diversified integrations of Salesforce with ERP, Third-party applications and Cloud will fulfill all your business needs. But, it depends, which integration is suitable for your business. To find out, explore Salesforce Integration with ERP, Third-party and Cloud below.


Salesforce Integration with ERP

What are essentials that make the entire business processing smooth and swift? The answer is, good storage and organized data! These two factors are important for internal processing and interaction with customers. Well, Salesforce Integration with ERP will take your business a step forward serving you immense benefits.

Salesforce Integration with ERP will automatically exchange and sync data between the two systems. Moreover, it eliminates risk of errors and time-consumption issues. The end result of Salesforce Integration with ERP is the application with wide accessibility and visibility to sales elements.

You will be astonished to know sterling benefits of Salesforce Integration with ERP. Explore all of them with us.

The Benefits of Salesforce Integration with ERP


  • Increased Opportunities


Once the deal is closed, data or new order from the Salesforce can be pushed to the ERP system. This integration will speed up the payment process and eliminate data entry error risk.


  • Invoices Updating


Once the invoice is generated with ERP system, the integration will allow to update it within Salesforce system as well. Eventually, sales and customer support team gets updated information about the deal.


  • Inventory Management


Many times sales team do not get updated inventory data and they create opportunities for the customers. Salesforce – ERP Integration will help tracking inventory with available stock whenever required.


  • Account & Customer Management


Collecting and syncing data of account and customer bi-directionally is a daunting task. However, Salesforce – ERP Integration makes adding and updating account and customer details swift, error free and smooth.


  • Product Detail Updating


Be it is a price, unique number or description, updating each product detail regularly with ERP and Salesforce is difficult. Salesforce – ERP Integration make it easy by eliminating risk of error and data duplication.


Salesforce Integration with Third Party Applications

You own a bulk of web applications, but unable to enjoy all its advantages. Salesforce – Third Party Application Integration helps extracting all their advantages utmost. And, if you are the one who does not like to get involved with technologies and different solutions which are out of the core, then third party integration will suit you the best.

Experience added features and enhancements that will not make your website efficient and customized, but also serve all your business requirements. Those who have realized the importance of using third party integration are reaping the following benefits.

The Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Third Party Applications


  • Budget Friendly


Salesforce – Third Party Application Integration will aid you saving a lot of money in contrast to expenses made on customized application or software.


  • Easy Customization


On an average, most of the APIs are customizable, thus, developers can easily integrate third-party applications with Salesforce.


  • Time Saving


Customizing or developing an app from the scratch as per the business need will consume a plenty of time. Integrating third party applications with Salesforce won’t consume against developing or customizing.


  • High Compatibility


APIs involved in Salesforce – Third-party Integration are highly compatible with numerous of development technologies.

Salesforce Integration with Cloud

You are on the way to your office or home, but stuck in the traffic and want to make an important meeting or call. What will do? Wait to reach the office or get out of the car to rush for the office? Definitely, you won’t try any of these.

Cloud Integration has ability to overcome all such situations allowing you anytime and anywhere access. Above all, if you go with Salesforce – Cloud Integration, access, manage and view your sales accounts with best-in-class solution capabilities and cost-efficient platform.

There is a lot more that Salesforce Cloud Integration will offer.

The Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Cloud


  • Lightning Connectivity


With point-and-click simplicity, connect and access data easily from external sources. The fast and facile connectivity with the cloud will help in incorporating data from legacy systems in real time.


  • Business Logic Accessibility


The integration of multiple backend systems and applications will let you accessing business logic on your mobile device, whenever you want. You need not to wait to analyze the business logic due to restricted accessibility.


  • Instant Communication


The multiple accessibility will allow the multiple users to access the same screen or data at diverse locations. This way you can discuss simultaneously over a same task which is a crucial part of a business process.

Salesforce Integration – The Ace of All Business Solutions

Be it any business issue, if you are struggling hard to overcome any of the obstruction that is hindering your business or sales growth; Salesforce Integration is the solution.

If you are still confused with, “which Salesforce Integration is the best for my business?”. The best would be to consult the experts before going with any of the integration; Salesforce Integration with ERP, Salesforce Integration with Third-Party Application and Salesforce Integration with Cloud.

HytechPro, as a Partner

In the recent years, the presence and necessity of Salesforce has reached the next level. In this scenario, we put ourselves as a key potential partner in providing Salesforce services to industries including healthcare, banking, finance and insurance across the globe.

We as a Salesforce services partner, hold in-depth expertise in offering our very own custom frameworks. Our offerings are available for both enterprises and end market.

Our Salesforce expertise includes:

  • Salesforce Lightning
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  • Salesforce Data Migration
  • Salesforce Data Management

All we need is your idea, and we shall discuss on how thought provoking solution can be developed. Let us know, if you want to begin on this.

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