With Dreamforce’16 explore how Salesforce Automation can do a magic to your business

Dreamforce’16 will be bursting enormous of perks for its visitors. If you are going to be there, you will be benefited with superficial Salesforce capabilities. Salesforce Automation is also one of them which you can go with, if you are actually looking for igniting your business process.

Well! Some of you must be just heard of Salesforce Automation, but need to delve into the terminology in-depth to realize its potential.

So, let us get started with understanding Salesforce Automation from the scratch.

Salesforce Automation! Salesforce Automation! Heard it several times, but still not clear with the terminology. Right? And, being an entrepreneur you have dug deep to know all about it including its functionality, features, tools and impact on business. But, somewhere, you are lagging and unable to explore each bit of it. So, for you, here we have well-explained what is Salesforce Automation, its features, process involved and tools.

Let us start with CRM first, because whenever you have heard of CRM, Salesforce Automation accompanied it. For some of you, CRM and Salesforce Automation must be synonyms of each other. But, the truth is, they are completely different and thus, need to be understood.

CRM & Salesforce Automation – Not the Twins

CRM; Customer Relationship Manager is a software tool allowing businesses to maintain customer relationship. Depending upon the business types and their needs, a broad range of CRMs are introduced that can fulfill all business needs.

Salesforce Automation is simply a process of boosting sales by automated and repeatable process. Although, some CRMs help companies to employ Salesforce Automation and there are also a few CRMs that do a lot more than just automating the sales process.

If you are looking forward to understand Salesforce Automation technically, we will do it for you.

Salesforce Automation – Explained

Salesforce Automation or SFA is an integrated application of customized CRM (Customizable Relationship Management). It streamline and automate sales leads, inventory, performance, forecasting and analysis.

PinPoint – Salesforce Automation is also known as Salesforce Management System. Its tools include in-house and web-based systems.

Facts – Business giants who implemented Salesforce Automation have experienced exponential growth in the past few years. Their organizations bagged hike in the productivity, improved revenue and sales cycle acceleration.

As per the ongoing trend of Salesforce Automation adoption, it has been expected that market will rise from $1.84 billion (2013) to $4.13 billion (2018) including small size to mid size businesses.

Now, when you have understood the Salesforce Automation and its influence. It’s time when you are thinking, “Do I need Salesforce Automation?”. Find it out with us below.

Why do I need Salesforce Automation?

Leaving behind all the concerns and diving into the Salesforce Automation mechanism, ask yourself a few questions. Now, if you are thinking of what to ask, we have a short list for you.

  • Does my company have commonly occurring processes that could automate the business?
  • What automation options do I have that will suit the best for my business?
  • I don’t have time and resources to automate my business. From where can I get assistance?

If, you don’t get answer to any of the questions, Salesforce Automation is the answer to all your questions.

Don’t worry, if you are still confused with using Salesforce Automation. With a list of its sterling features, we will answer to all your questions in-depth.


  • Customer and Account Management


Customer service is the primary thing to be considered by an organization to gain marketplace presence and huge clientele. This is made possible by SFA with ability of immediate access to inventory management, inventory control, order processing, delivering, tracking, shipping and generating receipt.

The sales personnel can also give support to the customer by providing their order details saving their time, enhancing their experience and gaining their loyalty.


  • Sales Performance Evaluation


Tracking customer activities is not just enough for you. There is a lot more that is required which SFA can fulfill. It let to evaluate and access information of the internal sales team instantly; engagement with customer via calls, emails, proposals, meetings and other modes. Monitoring of all such elements will ultimately let you identify the problems initially, thereby, taking required actions.


  • Sales Graph Monitoring


Do you think of improving your sales graph without monitoring it? It’s not possible at all. SFA solutions have the ability to update the sales figure swiftly, so that organization can take necessary actions for the sake of sales improvement from time to time. The feature of real-time data forecast accurate sales information which will aid the company to catch with time.


  • Information Management


Do you manage customer’s contact and other details accurately and swiftly? If you do by spending your crucial time and resources, then SFA will help you saving time and resources too. With Salesforce Automation, improve contact management efficiency, sort and prioritize leads, automate crucial tasks, send regular follow-up letters, schedule sales appointments, track daily call activities & call cycles and set reminders for tasks & appointments.


  • Data Management


For SFA solutions, it is very facile to share data, maintain consistency, update data across the systems and securing data. SFA also features immediate access to the system for integrating product detail, pricing, presentations, marketing stuffs, sales material, product information and other essentials required for regulating the sales process. Shortening the time, it also allow salesperson to generate proposals, estimates and quotes within a few minutes or even seconds.

Being an entrepreneur, you must be definitely desiring to see your organization touching all the heights of success. With such sparkling benefits of Salesforce Automation can surely help you to make your dreams come true.

The good news is, Salesforce Automation tools can help you winning all the benefits efficiently that your business needs. To ease your problem for finding popular SFA tools, we have listed all of them here.


Salesforce Automation Tools – Adding Wings to Your Business


  • Workflow


There is nothing better than Workflow, when you are wishing to automate standard internal processes and procedures to save time across your organization. There is a set of workflow instructions that carry out the complete process and workflow rule acts as a container for those instructions.

Available In: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Different Editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance and Developer.


  • Approvals


Initially, workflow rules are applied to carry out the automation process. To proceed the flow, Approvals will take one step further. It will specify the sequence of steps to approve the records including who to request and what to do.

Available In: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Different Editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance and Developer.


  • Visual Workflow


Visual Workflow will let you encompassing the process of managing, designing and automating flows. Not only this, instead it will create the flow triggered by users. Also, it offer screen to display and collect information of the user to run the flow.

Available In: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Different Editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance and Developer.


  • Lightning Process Builder


A plethora of tasks you do on the regular basis like assigning, sending the emails, updating the records and much more. These are essential process of organization, thus needs precision. Lightning Process Builder will let allow you to accomplish these tasks automatically for accurate, smart and reliable results, instead of doing it manually.

Available In: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Different Editions: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance and Developer.

Still Confused with Salesforce Automation?

Sales could be a rocket-science or could be a fun; it is upto you, how you take it and manage it. Salesforce Automation can make it a much more fun, even if it is a huge enterprise.

No doubt, there are loopholes in every sales process, but what can help filling all of them. SFA can do it for you by automating each process of managing, monitoring, communicating, implementing and evaluating.

The bottom line is, there is no point of giving a second thought to implement Salesforce Automation, if you have gone through delay in process, inaccurate evaluation, excess of errors, time-consumption and more similar issues due to manual processing.

In case, you need to explore more about Salesforce Automation tools, get in touch with our experts and consult which one will suit the best to your business.


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