Digital Transformation Challenges Made Possible to Overcome

Let us start with some questions.

What is the most buzzing word among industries in today’s era? What is the code to success for enterprises? What is ‘that’ after which enterprises are running behind? What has become the need of an hour without which enterprises will lag behind? What is the backbone of the enterprises’ growth?

Let us give you a clue. The answer to all these question is common. Do you know?

Relax! It is none other than Digital Transformation.

Let us guess, you are not new to the terminology. Instead must have spent immense of efforts, resources and even expenses to attain Digital Transformation.

Well! The bitter truth is, a very few enterprises conquered all the challenges and won the realm of Digital Transformation. And the majority of them failed to attain the success.

Do you know the reason of failure in Digital Transformation?

In the era of digital world, none is untouched from internet. So, it is a very obvious fact that every entrepreneur has made a research over the key to attain Digital Transformation.

They must have implemented it also, but failed to achieve the success. What are you thinking now? You were also one of them?

Let us tell you, why you were one of them.

And, do not worry, you were not the only one. There were many more. Do you want to have a look?

  • 80% of the enterprises are digitally adaptive.

  • 17% of the enterprises have comprehensive digital transformation strategies.

  • 50% of the enterprises had lack of knowledge and they failed.

Those 50% failed just because they didn’t researched over the challenges of Digital Transformation.

This was very simple. How could you fill the bucket when you didn’t noticed its leakage points. Instead you will waste the water just like your efforts, expenses and resources.

The good new is, here, we are going to talk about challenges of Digital Transformation which you cannot ignore. Wait! We have another good new for you. We will also going to discuss about the solution for each of the challenge that will help you to overcome.

Challenges of Digital Transformation – Explained

  • Working Culture

ChallengeChanges are always good, but it is important to get comfortable with those changes.

Same applies to an enterprise. If you are not going to get adapted with the changes, you will not going to get benefited in any way.

Digital Transformation is not only about adopting the digital technology, but also about changing the way employees work. Thus, it is crucially important to understand the transformation in working culture also.

And, the reason of not getting adapted with the changes push enterprises to back-off from Digital Transformation.

This is how you will overcome. Ensure your employees in prior that they should be adaptive and open to use digital tools. Let them communicate and research for getting familiar with the upgraded platform. The best will be, if they have the access to real-time data analytics, internal communication channel and other modes. It will help them to communicate with each other for solutions, when required.

  • Always-on Business

ChallengeWhat do you expect when you get an internet connection installed? 24/7 service, right? But what if they will not provide any connection for 2-3 days just because they are upgrading or relocating their workstation? You will definitely discontinue their service.

Same implement to your business, when you discontinue providing service for a particular time period just because you were Digitally Transforming the business. Therefore, always create a backup, so that you don’t lose your customer.

This is how you will overcome. Conduct a meeting or discussion with your employees or management on how to deliver the regular service without any effect on quality. The best would be, if you get associated with the Digital Transformation solution experts who can create a backup system for you, when you off for Digital Transformation.

  • Collaboration

ChallengeOne mind over five minds. Which can bring out the storm? Definitely, five minds combinely will burst out with something excellent.

That’s very nice! If you already guessed, what we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about the resources that needs collaboration, else you will left with communication gap, corrupted data and delayed process. Same applies to the tools; they too need collaboration for regulating the flow and boosting the Digital Transformation process.

This is how you will overcome. The organization helping you with Digital Transformation will do this for you like a piece of cake. They will collaborate networking tools and other platforms, ultimately, helping the resources to explode the “Digitally Transformed” quality, products, agility and operational efficiency.

  • Performance Measures

You are working out very hard, but after a month or two, you don’t know how must you are benefited. Doesn’t sound justified, right? You cannot improve the efficiency, until you don’t know, how much you have gained or lost?

For every single effort you make, it is important to make the analysis. Same applies to the Digital Transformation. You need to make the analysis of the performance of your transformation, else you can never reach your goal.

This is how you will overcome. Define a measure of your performance in terms of expenses, revenue, number of customers, reputation in the market, etc. Make an analysis regularly to track your performance level. These are the a few elements that will help you finding your expertise in the journey of Digital Transformation.

  • Resources and Budgets

ChallengeNothing in this world is driven free of cost or without inputs. So, you cannot expect saving either money or resources to transform digitally.

The terminology, Digital Transformation, itself reflect that it involves technology tools to develop business agility and higher efficiency. So, it would be regardless to say that you will get digitally transformed without feeding it with upgraded tools, software and other resources.

This why, most of the enterprises fail by either making a loss in their revenue or backing-off from the process of Digital Transformation.

This is how you will overcome. Do a homework on your budget, past ROIs and possible future expenses. Mapping a clear estimate of expenses and resources will help you finding out, the level of possible transformation and the way to avoid losses. The reason being, you cannot be digitally transformed until you make a smart move by balancing between input and output.

Did you figured out the loopholes?

Working culture, workflow, collaboration, performance metrics and budget are the main elements. And, ignoring these cannot allow you to win the real of Digital Transformation. All you need to pin these elements before starting the journey of Digital Transformation. Remember, not only Hard Work pays off, but also the smart work.

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