Digital Transformation – What is your level of expertise?

If you are also one of those who think so, let us correct you, you have not understood Digital Transformation.

In the very simple terms, Digital Transformation is a methodology used to transform and develop business model and processes using digital technologies.

You might be also one of those who thinks that implementing Digital transformation is a piece of cake, let us ask you, a set of a few questions; where has your business reached in the past few years, did you multiplied your revenue or have you became a reputed brand?.

If answer to these questions is justifying that you have became a recognized entrepreneur, it is well and good. And, if not, it is high time for you to understand Digital Transformation in-depth and to find out where have your reached in the world of Digital transformation.

Here, in this post, we will help you analyzing how much pain you need to take to actually transform your business digitally.

Let us start with finding out, who are you?

Who are you?

An obvious fact; in the fast pace moving world of technology, you must have given a try to transform digitally. But, till what extent you have won the success? What have turned into – Digital Connector, Digital Operator, Digital Predator or Digital Prey?

Confused? Let us simplify these terminologies for you.

  • Digital Prey

Enterprises who fails attempting or doesn’t attempt to grow with the technology.

  • Digital Connector

Enterprises in the learning phase of offering excellent customer experience using the blend of digital tools and their services.

  • Digital Operator

Enterprises in the learning phase of offering excellent customer experience by improving their operational intelligence.

  • Digital Predator

Enterprises that are both; connector & operator and successfully upgrade their business value to become the master of digital world.

If you grade yourself as “Digital Predator”, Congratulations!

And others, who do not found themselves as digital predators must ask themselves, do you practice planning, analyzing, engaging and measuring as an entrepreneur?

Perplexed? Let us help you by asking in-depth.

Do you exercise for successful Digital Transformation?

Just a set of 4 exercises will help you tackling everything right from customer assistance, advertising to back-end processes, operations and financial management. Ultimately, these exercises are nothing, but the code of successful Digital Transformation.

  • Planning

Imagine yourself, getting a glass of water when you have ordered a cup of coffee. You will feel frustrated and discontinue taking service or ordering.

Similar happens with your customer, when you fail to deliver the right thing or a quality product/service. Always try to trace out, what customer wants, what customer likes, what customer do, what customer expects and all activities that will help you getting a happy customer.

Implementing digital technology, will help understanding, planning and customizing the workflow format instantly that will make you winning the customer.

Thus, it is important to take a look to your work process in the shoes of your customer. Always plan accordingly so that small window of opportunity could widen.

  • Analyzing

Make or break customer loyalty with the quality of customer support you serve.

Now, let us assume a child carrying a lunchbox from home, but returning it back uneaten. Either he/she is eating other’s child food or started eating somewhere else. So, what will you do here? You will talk to him/her about his/her likes and dislikes, so that you can pack which your child can eat regularly.

Talking and changing the menu is analysis, which is similarly required in the business process. Conduct regular analysis by interacting and responding to your customerWhen you make them feel that you are there for them, they will be always there for you to avail your service.

Analyzing digitally will help you comparing the response of customer against the offered services on the monthly basis.

  • Engaging

You start following a TV series, but discontinue after a certain time. Why? What was the reason? It’s because, you lost the interest and want something new to follow.

Similar happens, when an enterprise do not offer user engaged platform and continue offering the boring or worthless services. It also happens when the interface is uneasy to access and customer unable to avail the service satisfaction.

Business giants like Alibaba, Amazon, Airbnb and many more are getting an exponential growth in the number of customers day-by-day. It is just because they are bringing up interactive platforms and showing up what customers want to see.

  • Measuring

How will you measure digital transformation? What is the scale? It is counted in numbers, percentage or in approximation? Is there any machine that can calculate it or it requires manual resource?

Relax! There is no specific measuring scale of digital transformation. There is always a top-down process of measuring the Digital Transformation. All you need to measure is the activity, engagement and interest of the customer with the brand. But, initially, you will need to define the success criteria, management objectives and customer engagement level.

The best way to measure the Digital Transformation and to attain the desired goal is to educate the executives on Digital transformation. There are enterprises that have gone bankrupt in the past few years and it was just because they were not willing to embrace Digital Transformation. But don’t let your brand to be one of them.

Now, where do you see yourself?

Did you successfully mapped where have you reached now in the path of success? Did you realized how much efforts are required to acquire successful Digital Transformation? Did you figured out how Digital Transformation will turn your enterprise to a brand?

If yes is the answer to all the above questions, go ahead and transform digitally to grow and grow. And, if you are still confused, we will become your helping hand to let you find out how to go digitally transformed.

HyTechPro, as a Partner

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