Digital Transformation – A key for enterprises to gain, grow and lead

Digital Transformation! An outstanding gateway for enterprises to lead, expand and grow in the era of technology and tough competition. Isn’t it? Most of the entrepreneurs have tasted the success adopting the digital transformation. Not to deny a fact that there are also some entrepreneurs that failed after implementing or yet not implemented the same for their enterprise.

According to a few sources, a study revealed the fact that there are 43 percent of enterprises that are going through initial phase of digital transformation process where they are facing a lot of challenges. No doubt, they are investing, enhancing organizational capabilities, optimizing traditional business process and upgrading organization behavior. But still it is undergoing a difficult situation and it can be given a name, ‘digital trough’.

Ever wondered, why all the efforts are going in vain?

Being an entrepreneur, it is very important to understand that digital advancement within is the need of an hour. These elements acts as the spine to strengthen customer relationships, value propositions and internal processes. Thus, the absence of advancement within all the crucial elements stated above can be the reason of ‘digital trough’. However, there are many industries that are enjoying the benefits of digital transformation. Let’s have a look, who and how many are leveraging the advantage.

Who all are celebrating ‘Digital Transformation’?

High-tech enterprises or digital start-ups such as Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. have set up the inspiring stories. These giant techies acts as the trigger to shoot the motivation for all who are new to the market or want to become the same. We can all see, how they followed the trend of going digital and served their customers integrating the technology. Now, they won the market at an extent where no one can defeat. They not only became the successful enterprises, but also a ‘brand’ and ruling their competitors. Study also reveals  that on an average, 157 executives in 50 reputed traditional companies have managed and benefited from digital transformation. There also exists many executives within enterprises who assume themselves as the technology experts, but there are rarely a few who can  flaunt their technology expertise. 

The enterprises who have technology experts and worked on their operational processes have experienced the enhancement in the customer relationship. According to the sources, the optimization in analytics, embedded devices and social media brought the  profitable result by increasing the customer experience, whereas optimizing the mobility did not brought the profitable customer experience. Precisely, it can be said that, among all, social media is bringing an excellent and remarkable benefits. Parallely, mobility is still  emerging and somewhere, embedded system also needs more improvement in the process of digital transformation.

How a “successful” digital transformation is possible?

Above all, it is important to understand that it is not necessary that going digital can help in bringing the outstanding outcomes. Instead, according to experts, there there are three golden rules to get successful digital transformation. 

  •  Upgradation

It would be incorrect to say that modifying the existing tradition or technology can help. The reason being, just bringing changes may or may not help. But upgrading will always help as it won’t only gives an ease in customer access, but will also perform better. Let us take an example, when PCs are replaced by blackberries, iPhones or tablets. Both, customers and enterprises found it convenient to access and serve respectively.

  • Enhancement

Improvement in the functionality and business model using the process can bring high productivity and performance. The companies who adopted the mobility to keep the track on their work process helped them to give excellent outcomes. This will also help in keeping track on process and identifying the required improvements from time to time.

  •  Analysis

As discussed above, keeping the track on the process will help in identifying the roadblocks in the business process. Thus, organizations that made a track on their process and redefined the operations helped them to gain high efficiency, security against threats and uality.

So, what is the code you must never forget?

Finally, it can be concluded that ‘Digital Transformation’ is the code for enterprises to unlock the success and win the marketplace. Whether, you go for a transformation or up-gradation, never forget the technology which can give wings to gain, grow and lead. You can also share your views over digital transformation that brought an excellent booster for the organizations.

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