Did You Marked These Apps to Your ‘Must See’ List at Dreamforce’16?

Whoa! It’s not even 10 days to go for Dreamforce 2016. We, you and many more Salesforce lovers will be there to experience the most exciting days of the year.

Well! It would be regardless to ask you to prepare the list of “Must See” stuffs at Dreamforce’16. Above all the amazing items on your list, did you marked the apps that you should not miss seeing, if you are attending Dreamforce?

No Worries! If you missed marking to your list.Here, we are going to share a few apps in Lightning that you must see at Dreamforce’ 16.

Apps You Can’t Miss At Dreamforce’ 16


  • Altify Opportunity Manager


The app will guide the sale executives to win effectively, collaborate with customers, explore the relationship landscape, discover solutions to conquer business challenges and competitive edges.

Precisely, it will assess in deals, recommending actions based appropriate methodologies and uncovering risks, so the seller can realize, what matter the most.

Developed on and hosted on cloud, it serves the exceptional reliability, excellent opportunities, unmatched security and account management.


  • Bizible     


Nothing is better than Bizible, when you are looking for features like Multi-touch Attribution, Omni-channel Tracking, Role-based Dashboards and Account-based Measurement for your business process.

Bizible won’t only help you in making the right marketing decision, but also assist you integrating with all online marketing channels. With the 30 mins installation, optimization can be done facilely.

Custom attribution models, account-based marketing/ABM features and Salesforce Campaign attribution are some of its recent additional features.


  • CloudAction


CloudAction will assist you with customization, implementation, integration and management of Remedyforce. Moreover, it also aid with providing support to ensure that your Remedyforce Service Desk is appropriately optimized for leveraging utmost business value.

It can be concluded, Cloudaction serves a perfect blend of implementation assistance and strategic execution ensuring the excellent service desk capabilities , aligned IT management objectives, IT support processes and service desk personnel.

  • DiscoverOrg

Whether you are looking for accurate contact data or intelligence DiscoverOrg will serve you both. Completely compatible with Lightning UI, it seamlessly support contact details, sales leads and intelligence at Salesforce Platform.

With its features of Append and Clean, cleanse up existing records. Additionally, you can update existing records using report structure, direct dial phone numbers, project intelligence, org charts, and spending initiatives.

Its automatic nightly updates let’s maintaining accurate data.


  • Geopointe

Geopointe is available for free trial today offering you capabilities like proximity searching, territory management, optimized routing, demographics, boundary layers and much more. Both Salesforce1 and Lightning Ready versions are available for the app.

There are many features that  you can enjoy; mapping data anywhere across the world, advanced optimization, routing and navigation. It will also let you acquire analytics insights aiding you to become more productive.


  • HeyWire

HeyWire will seamlessly integrate your SMS text chat, automated workflows and campaigns with Service Cloud. Its LiveText Agent enable the call center for customer by generating the text via existing 1-800 or business contact number.

The application will serve the outstanding approach for two-way SMS texting by letting Service Cloud contact center agents to make live chat with customers in real human-to-human SMS conversations.

HeyWire is compatible with Lightning, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.


  • inContact


inContact for Salesforce is the best option if you are looking for contact routing to deliver contact and customer information on a single and unified screen.

Built on Salesforce OpenCTI toolkit, it is a native application that make deployment facile and seamless. With inContact, you can track as well as monitor the customer’s experience.

Its new version updates has emerged with improved email inbox, dynamic address box support and enhanced chat experience.


  • Jitterbit


itterbit Data Loader serves the best option for free data migration for the users. It assist in import/export of data between databases, files and Some of its sparkling features include free wizard, better connectivity and advanced functionality.

Developed on Harmony Cloud integration, the application offers ease of use and high performance of cloud integration.

With Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader, the user can save time and efforts for importing and exporting crucial business data. It also supports create, insert, delete, upsert, query, hard delete and bulk loads.


  • Knowledge Reports


Knowledge Reports serve the best platform for reports and dashboard to monitor the knowledge base. For an instance, it enables comparing article ratings, determining articles and analyze author activities.

It use the package reports to make the analysis and dashboards to monitor the knowledge base. The three packaged dashboards within the application showcase components or charts that correspond with the packaged reports. Using it, you can also create a custom dashboard to use a custom report.


  • LevelEleven


 LevelEleven will let you drive revenue using sales activity management. With this application, you can use sales performance scorecards to engage the team in insightful behaviors ensuring that metric-driven sales approach boost the revenue potential at the utmost level.

Precisely, LevelEleven is a sales activity management system that develops the instant ROI by extracting maximum out of the investment within Salesforce and Sales team.

The List Does Not Ends Here

Yeah! That’s true. There are over 3000 apps available on Appexchange among many of them are Lightning Ready apps and you can discover them at Dreamforce’16.

Since, more than 30 Dreamforce sessions are featuring apps assisting businesses to attain the maximum growth, ranging from marketing to sales. So, undoubtedly, this Dreamforce’16 you will discover a plethora of similar apps as stated above.

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