Deep Dive in Diverse Salesforce Lightning Editions

When Salesforce Lightning was launched it was a colossal revelation. Developers drifted from salesforce classic to lightning interface as it offers more powerful and dynamic user interface. Customers are switching to lightning due to more functionality and elevated productivity with slight increment in costing.

In Salesforce, customer satisfaction is the fundamental focus. By creating new and innovative systems, Salesforce is enhancing the products by providing manifold features thus increasing the capacity of data. By adding a range of new products and elements Salesforce is bringing value to the users. When the need aroused for more configuration and customization potential in sales and service cloud editions, salesforce did amplification in the editions.

Sales Cloud Lightning Editions

Salesforce offers three fundamental editions to the Sales Cloud:

  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition

The Professional Edition incorporates workflow automation, standard sales console, unlimited applications and tabs, page layouts and custom profiles. The enterprise edition supports all the features of professional edition and apart from that it includes partial sandbox, customizable sales console, and increase in the statistic of developer sandbox.

Service Cloud Lightning Editions

In addition to sales cloud, service cloud also has witnessed increase in the functionality, performance and comprehensive value. Salesforce offers three fundamental editions to the service cloud similar to sales cloud namely Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition.

Updates on the License Editions

In all the editions unlimited tabs and applications are available. Professional sales cloud includes the workflows, record types and customized layouts. In addition to this it provides a basic sales console. Professional service cloud incorporates all the components in the sales cloud. It also includes service contracts which was not supported in the professional edition previously. In addition to this it provides a basic service console.

In the enterprise edition, for both sales and service there has been renewing and updation in sandbox. The enterprise will incorporate one partial and 25 developer sandboxes. On the service side, the license includes knowledge and live agent thus freeing the need to pay extra. The full sandbox unlimited would support one partial and 100 developer sandboxes. 

Previously, the sales cloud was more economical than the service cloud and now the pricing will be alike for sales as well as service cloud. Sales and service cloud will come in force and chatter. Recently, due to the enhancement, service cloud will no longer get the access to sales cloud. The price is incremented for the dual combo of sales and service cloud.

The community lightning cloud will combine the lightning templates management of lightning community and streamlined customer guidance.

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