Choosing The Salesforce Lightning Edition

Salesforce CRM is one of the dominant players among others offering CRM solutions. Salesforce classify its products under distinctive cloud-based offerings namely Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud and Analytics Cloud. The solutions devised by Salesforce are personalized and can be made-to-measure to meet business enterprise specific prerequisites.                         

Salesforce introduces and Heroku, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) application development frameworks empowering cloud based application evolution as well as the AppExchange store, which provides 500+ mobile supportive applications which are based on Salesforce podium. Globally, the Salesforce platform supports to enhance the productivity by directing and formulating leads, opportunities, contacts and partners.

Salesforce presented a new and innovative user-friendly priced model that provides the users with the enhancement to analyze the cost implications relieving them from the burden of cost. Nowadays, businesses don’t require on premise software installation providers instead they only require a net connection to approach the solution. 

There is a query which arises most often for the customers who are new to Salesforce CRM- How to select the salesforce lightning edition that is appropriate for user’s needs?

In this post we are going to furnish the users with the knowledge that would help them in selecting on the decision making process. We are going to deliberate on the integration with different platform, automations such as workflows or approval process and custom applications. segregates its contribution in diversified tiers:

  • Starter: Elementary marketing and sales for not more than five users.
  • Professional: This is a complete CRM for any sized unit.
  • Enterprise: Customizable CRM for business enterprise.
  • Unlimited: Immeasurable CRM power and support.

There are manifold salesforce projects our company has delivered and we have gained knowledge by viewing the editions and which features are apt to make use of. The information listed below presents an analysis of the trends for salesforce lightning professional edition and lightning enterprise edition.


Lightning Professional Edition

Lightning Enterprise Edition

Outcome of Functional Group

Sales, Marketing and Support Units

Marketing, Sales, Support and Back-Office Units

Users Statistics

1 or 2 team of people

Single and multiple team of people


Reporting and customized Dashboards

Reporting in advanced form and customized Dashboards


Analyze marketing campaigns ROI, recording email in groups of 250.

Analyze marketing campaigns ROI, recording email in groups of 500.

Storing and Gathering of Customer Data

Accounting systems, spreadsheets and contact management software

Database of legacy, Old Customer-Relationship-Management and ERP System

Security Standards

Hide some records from some users

Maintaining of security is quite complex

Implementation Time

Varying between 4 to 6 weeks

It takes more than 6 weeks

Figure 1: Comparison between Lightning Professional and Lightning Enterprise Edition

The Email synchronization, mobile access, analytics are some of the features which are available in both Lightning Professional and Lightning Enterprise Edition. The automation feature supports some of its elements in professional edition but enterprise edition supports all of the elements of automation. Both the lightning professional and enterprise edition are likely to support manifold features namely creating leads, AppExchange apps, generating quotes, marketing campaigns and product catalogue.

Lightning enterprise edition supports some of the distinctive elements which are not supported by the lightning professional edition namely approval process, custom code, online community for partners, team selling and territory management. 

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