Deep Dive in Diverse Salesforce Lightning Editions

When Salesforce Lightning was launched it was a colossal revelation. Developers drifted from salesforce classic to lightning interface as it offers more powerful and dynamic user interface. Customers are switching to lightning due to more functionality and elevated productivity with slight increment in costing. In Salesforce, customer satisfaction is the fundamental focus. By creating new and innovative systems, Salesforce is... Read more

Inclination Towards Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience Salesforce envision platform, lightning experience, has now occupied the Salesforce industry. With lightning experience, Salesforce has manifold new features based on cloud and a new UI. The comprehensive intent of refurbishing is to make tools and data more accessible which will make sales reps work with more expertise. It also enhances the work of sales reps by converting more leads and closing deals with fewer number... Read more

Insight Into Salesforce Community Cloud

What is Salesforce Community Cloud? Salesforce is one of the most prominent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool across the globe. In order to expand the business and enhance the customer experience, Salesforce came up with new products and services in furnishing Salesforce CRM solutions. Salesforce Community Cloud is one of the added component along with Sales, Marketing and Service Cloud. Salesforce Community Cloud is an... Read more

Advancements In Field Service Lightning

Salesforce has amalgamated einstein technology in its diverse cloud offerings which would support, boost its products with a gleam of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Salesforce is introducing artificial intelligence to the field service lightning products, which is designed to link users, technical professionals and call center support. Salesforce has come up with the idea of einstein AI and analytics for field service... Read more

Artificial Intelligence In Salesforce

Salesforce is an innovative and ingenious company that has devised world’s number 1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) podium. The information is approachable for all people across the internet. The Lightning podium empowers the customers to access the agile, complete view of Salesforce. Preface of AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an approach of having the gadgets that utilizes the perception of “Understanding like humans” i... Read more

A Look At IoT Cloud In Salesforce

Evolution of Salesforce IoT Cloud The Internet of Things is reinforcing and transforming the way people consider, anticipate and react. It will change the way businesses will be communicating with the cosmos. CRM systems are also being benefited from the advent of IoT by offering more customized experience. Salesforce IoT Cloud is built to give end-to-end solutions by searching new approaches that would blend the data of the customer and... Read more

Salesforce- Acknowledged As Number 1 CRM Platform

Influx of CRM CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management. CRM empowers the customers and the collaboration of contact details, sales reps, leads and accounts at a single hub thereby enabling the clients to access the applications by the concept of cloud computing. CRM permits all business enterprises to oversee the interaction with the companies incorporating the reports linked with them. CRM is reckoning to be worthwhile... Read more

Choosing The Salesforce Lightning Edition

Salesforce CRM is one of the dominant players among others offering CRM solutions. Salesforce classify its products under distinctive cloud-based offerings namely Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud and Analytics Cloud. The solutions devised by Salesforce are personalized and can be made-to-measure to meet business enterprise specific prerequisites.                    ... Read more

What is the difference between and

Gazing for a superior choice? Searching for the difference between and Then your quest is going to end by referring this article. In this post I hope to explain in concise terms what the precise difference is and how the users can more relevantly utilize each of these. To accurately understand what the variation between these two products is, it is vital to perceive what really is pertaining to the... Read more

Salesforce CRM Implementation – Your Business Success is Just 5 Steps Away

Workflow! Efficiency! What are we talking about? If you are an entrepreneur, you must have got it. And, if you did not, relax! Let us not hold your patience more. We are talking about the pivotal elements of a successful business model. There are many more elements that are responsible in giving the wings to your business including better collaboration and consolidation, accurate forecasting, broad visibility and automated workflow.... Read more