Salesforce Quote-to-cash driving novelty for your business

What is Salesforce Quote-to-cash? Salesforce Quote-to-cash was formerly known as SteelBrick CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote). Quote-to-cash is an entire set of business processes incorporating selling, creating offers of prospects and collecting the expenses. Salesforce Quote-to-cash empowers the business organizations to effortlessly and accurately manage the complete set of processes ranging from formulating quotes to configuring orders... Read more

Health Care Service Cloud in Salesforce

Salesforce has reinforced various industries namely non-profits, financial, higher education and maintaining relationships with the customers. Salesforce is bringing its cloud-based technology and making a mark in healthcare. Salesforce named it as Salesforce Health Cloud. Health Cloud is aimed at changing the way how doctors and health-care providers effectively bring about a change in the health of patients across the networks.   ... Read more

A Brief Knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud

Salesforce consists of various clouds which has made the applications fast and smarter namely Sales Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud Digital and IoT Cloud. Salesforce creates the finest CRM since the time it commenced. Salesforce has come up as the outstanding industry owing to innovation, productivity, platform, flexibility and mobility. What is Service Cloud? ... Read more

Salesforce in Higher Education

Salesforce has made a mark in multiple sectors such as healthcare, retail, public sector and manufacturing to name a few. Salesforce has released a new tool for the universities and colleges known as Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) package in Higher Education domain. What is HEDA? HEDA aims to introduce, manage the data across the lifecycle of the candidates, departmental work, interpersonal... Read more

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Nowadays, when all the applications are being designed on cloud, IoT, mobility and the data that is generated is enormous. Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud empowers the business users to have a personalized analytics tool according to their requirement. Wave Analytics Cloud is considered to be the first analytics platform build entirely on the cloud which diminishes the requirement for maintenance and its dynamic cloud abilities can... Read more

Salesforce Sales Cloud- Providing Momentum to Crack More Leads

Salesforce is the dominant and prominent industry which aims for the satisfaction and success of the customers. Salesforce Sales Cloud presents a thorough glance at the customers, permitting the organization to run the business with expertise, skill and readiness pertaining to the requirements of the clients. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform which is devised to support marketing, sales and... Read more

An Understanding of Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is the foremost and far-reaching artificial intelligence for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  Einstein is the incorporation of AI technologies building a platform for achieving the success of the customers and widening AI across the globe. Salesforce Einstein is not a product instead it possess a set of smarter functionality that influences entire Salesforce platform. The idea behind introducing... Read more

CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) - Increasing Efficiency in Salesforce

Salesforce aims for improving the productivity and expertise for sales, purchase and integration with other processes. Configure-price-quote assimilation with Salesforce provides Salesforce customers the capability to formulate quotes which increments the expertise, precision and forecasting. CPQ offers customer quotes in real-time for the sales teams by utilizing sales cloud. By the advent of CPQ, Salesforce has become more robust and dynamic... Read more

A Glimpse of Pardot in Salesforce

What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is a software podium that guides the user to automate sales and marketing obligation to produce higher leads, convert more leads and exceptionally measure marketing progress. How can Marketing Automation benefit the customers? Through the influence of marketing automation, sales and marketing teams may work as distinct, united team to automate, reform and upgrade the leads as they... Read more

Marketo- Marketing Automation in Salesforce

What is Marketo? Marketo is a product providing marketing and lead management solution in Salesforce. It is an effortless, dynamic and a complete platform in marketing. The product assists marketers to obtain more customers conveniently, enhance sales effectiveness and improve marketing’s contribution to increase the revenue. Marketo lead management empowers marketers with the competence, potential and adaptability to automate demand... Read more